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Featured Products

Longines Master Collection L2.755.5.78.7 Mens automatic mechanical watches (Longines)

Longines Master Collection L2.755.5.78.7 Mens automatic mechanical watches (Longines)
$241.62  $195.00
Save: 19% off
La Grande Classique L4. Longines quartz watch (Longines)

La Grande Classique L4. Longines quartz watch (Longines)
$214.46  $189.00
Save: 12% off
Longines L4.721.4.97.6 Men's Presence automatic mechanical watches (Longines)

Longines L4.721.4.97.6 Men's Presence automatic mechanical watches (Longines)
$190.75  $179.00
Save: 6% off

Saint-Imier Collection L2.763.8.72.3 Mens automatic mechanical watch (Longines)

Saint-Imier Collection L2.763.8.72.3 Mens automatic mechanical watch (Longines)
$271.56  $221.00
Save: 19% off
Longines L4. Presence automatic mechanical watches (Longines)

Longines L4. Presence automatic mechanical watches (Longines)
$199.86  $181.00
Save: 9% off
Longines PrimaLuna L8. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)

Longines PrimaLuna L8. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)
$265.54  $214.00
Save: 19% off

BelleArti L2. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)

BelleArti L2. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)
$194.21  $175.00
Save: 10% off
GrandVitesse Collection L3.636.4.66.0 Longines Mens Automatic mechanical watches (Longines)

GrandVitesse Collection L3.636.4.66.0 Longines Mens Automatic mechanical watches (Longines)
$184.73  $174.00
Save: 6% off
La Grande Classique Series L4. Longines quartz watch (Longines)

La Grande Classique Series L4. Longines quartz watch (Longines)
$219.25  $188.00
Save: 14% off

New Products For October

BelleArti L2. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)

BelleArti L2. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)
$227.70  $214.00
Save: 6% off
La Grande Classique Series L4. Ladies Longines automatic mechanical watches (Longines)

La Grande Classique Series L4. Ladies Longines automatic mechanical watches (Longines)
$204.01  $178.00
Save: 13% off
Evidenza L2. Longines Ladies quartz watch (Longines)

Evidenza L2. Longines Ladies quartz watch (Longines)
$189.40  $174.00
Save: 8% off

Longines HydroConquest L3.687.4.56.6 Mens automatic mechanical watch (Longines)

Longines HydroConquest L3.687.4.56.6 Mens automatic mechanical watch (Longines)
$205.46  $178.00
Save: 13% off
La Grande Classique L4.760.2.12.7 Longines Men automatic mechanical watch (Longines)

La Grande Classique L4.760.2.12.7 Longines Men automatic mechanical watch (Longines)
$181.61  $172.00
Save: 5% off
Longines L4.774.5.27.7 Men series automatic mechanical watch (Longines)

Longines L4.774.5.27.7 Men series automatic mechanical watch (Longines)
$251.95  $216.00
Save: 14% off

Longines L1.611.4.75.4 Men's Heritage Collection automatic mechanical watches (Longines)

Longines L1.611.4.75.4 Men's Heritage Collection automatic mechanical watches (Longines)
$227.13  $187.00
Save: 18% off
Longines Elegance Series L4.759.2.12.7/L4. couple quartz watch (Longines)

Longines Elegance Series L4.759.2.12.7/L4. couple quartz watch (Longines)
$194.39  $173.00
Save: 11% off
Longines DolceVita L5. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)

Longines DolceVita L5. Ladies quartz watch (Longines)
$200.16  $178.00
Save: 11% off

replica Longines presence

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Fine Longines

Sub Categories


Fine 0.53 Carat Round Diamond.

This is a 0.53 carat, Round IF clarity, H color, diamond accompanied by a GIA...

Fine Longines Ladies La Grande Classique

This watch has a stainless steel case and bracelet, bezel set with 48 top wesselton...

Fine Longines Ladies DolceVita Bellamore

Stainless steel case and bracelet, bezel set with 28 top wesselton diamonds 0.26 carat. Pink...

Fine Longines Gentleman's Eighteen Carat Gold Presence

This watch has a eighteen carat yellow gold case, with white roman numeral dial. The...

Fine Longines Ladies Eighteen Carat Prestige Gold On Strap

This watch is eighteen Carat yellow gold with a beautiful silver dial. The watch is...

Fine Longines Gentleman's LungoMare Chronograph

This watch has a Stainless steel case and bracelet with a black chronograph dial. The...

Fine Longines Gentleman's La Grande Classique

Stainless steel case and two tone bracelet with a white dial. Quartz movement, sapphire crystal...

Fine Longines Ladies DolceVita Mini

Stainless steel case and bracelet with white dial. Quartz movement, sapphire crystal glass and water...

Fine Longines Gentleman's Conquest Replica

A stainless steel case watch, with silver dial on a black leather strap. This watch...

Fine Longines Ladies Flagship Mini

This watch has a stainless steel case and bracelet, with silver dial. The watch is...

Fine Longines Ladies Presence Mini

This watch has a PVD case and bracelet with champagne dial with Quartz movement. The...

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Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.

  • Catalog:
    Les Grandes Classiques
  • Brand:
  • Item SKU:JRV3205JCB
  • Status:
    In Stock
  • Model:
  • Name:Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel
  • Case:Stainless steel
  • Dial:White
  • Movement:Quartz
  • Watch Label:Swiss Made
  • Supplier:
    Watches Shop
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American express, Western Union and Bank Transfer
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx
  • Country:USA, Spain, Italy, UK, UAE and other 200 countries worldwide
  • Discount: Free shipping when you buy 2 watches or more, 10% off + Free shipping when you buy 3 watches and more, Additional 15% off for any payment by Western Union!
Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.
Retail:$441.00 Your Price:$259.00

Longines L4. Information:


  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Glass:Sapphire
  • Back:Closed
  • Shape:Round
  • Diameter:20.00 mm
  • Lug Width:10.00 mm
  • W_R:30.00 m


  • Color:White
  • Indexes:Stick / Dot
  • Hands:Stick


  • Longines adaptation of ETA 280.002
  • Type:Quartz
  • Brand:Longines
  • Caliber:L963
  • Base:ETA 280.002
  • Display:Analog
  • Diameter:9.00 mm
  • Jewels:5
  • Time:Hours, Minutes
  • Date:Date

Longines L4. Watch Description:

The Longines Presence is a very traditional and classical wristwatch that comes in a number of variations. The present version has a stainless steel case (20mm) and a matching bracelet. It is powered by the quartz caliber L963,

Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.

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    Specially designed for the event and located at the main entrance to the stand, one display in particular reflected the image of Hublot watches. It was an event all on its own. Even a world first.

    “Puzzled and questioning” visitors crowded around the display to marvel at a Tourbillon carbon watch levitating in space, “carried by the wind”, with no fixtures or supports, in the centre of an illuminated case.

    But how was the watch supported? This was the first time a levitating watch had been displayed. On closer inspection, components (body, face, winder) could also be observed orbiting around the product. The objects moved slowly, with a kind of contemplative poetry, perfectly showcasing the innovative materials and technologies demanded by Hublot.

    Observers came up with some very imaginative explanations for this levitation effect. Here are some of the comments recorded by the security guards for the Hublot team each day:

    “It's invisible fishing wires"

    “Powerful magnets are suspending the objects in space”

    “Lots of invisible glasses are being hidden by a mirror effect”

    “It's like the old magic tricks, they're using mirrors to hide the stand holding the watch”

    “They're using pressurised gas to make the objects levitate” (this was the red herring published by Business Montres that gave the security staff at Baselworld such a scare).

    We could quote many more “theories”, however extremely few visitors came up with the correct solution for the “mysterious” traditional timepieces and watches in which the mechanism is replaced by invisible sapphire crystals.

    The Levitation display case will be appearing in some exclusive Hublot stores throughout the world.

    On the strength of the amazing success of this world first, Dietlin Artisans is now working on some new concepts for Hublot: the huge works in the new Hall 1 at Baselworld and Hublot's new stand for next year are paving the way for innovative display techniques. Visitors to Hublot's stand at Baselworld 2013 will not be disappointed.

  • Economy - The tsunami is on its way, let's go surfing !

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    Organised by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie under the banner Time to Act, the event took place on May 5th, and had the merit of raising a certain number of existential issues, asking relevant questions and jolting the participants out of their daily routine, by inviting them to take a step back in order to better evaluate the future of their brands. Moderator André Schneider, ex-director of the WEF, described the rules of play as follows: “This forum needs to define what the challenges are and how to deal with them”. It was up to participants to provide their own answers or to think about the hypotheses of the various stakeholders. Where China is concerned, for example, who should one believe between the highly rational Martin Wolf (chief economic correspondent for the FT) and the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, He Yafei, with his more canned approach? Based on facts and figures, the former explained that with a GDP that is 50 per cent dependent on the country's investments and seven per cent growth that is inadequate in the medium term, China has no choice but to make an enormous adjustment. Using completely different figures, namely, that every year, 13 million Chinese leave rural areas for the cities, that life expectancy has increased from 37 years old in 1949 to 73 today, and that they earn on average 18 times less than the Swiss, the second argued that the Chinese are becoming aware that quality of growth is more important than GDP growth.

    Growth, therefore, is unavoidable. Pointing out that “not everyone can increase their exports at the same time, despite this being what everyone would like to do”, Martin Wolf put his finger on a sore point – namely that the price of raw materials is already exploding, but in 2030, non-OECD countries requirements, today equivalent to those of OECD countries, will have doubled. Indian actress, Shabana Azmi, who is involved in a number of socio-economic projects, emphasized that half of India's population is under the age of 25, and that luxury brands with a long term view of the market need to target the gigantic middle class that is looming, and support social development. Even French philosopher, Luc Ferry, ex-Minister of National Education and Research, predicted that the 2020s will be dogged by a shortage of non-renewable raw materials.

    Highlighted by this brilliant speaker's verve, culture and ethics are both featured as remedies to deal with the threats of the 21st century. Our contemporaries are no longer guided by a great final cause, but by the need to innovate, and nothing puts the brakes on impulse buying as much as moral values. Actually, Tom Savigar (Director of Strategy at the London Future Laboratory) comments “Churches have been replaced by Apple Stores, with an apple rather than a cross above our heads”. “Contemporary art is not beautiful but innovative”, pointed out Luc Ferry, describing the 20th century as the greatest period of deconstruction of traditional values of all humankind. According to Laurent Haug (CEO of Lift Conference), “Innovation, which is often incremental, is frequently in addition to, rather than in replacement of”. From this perspective, social networks represent an epiphenomenon, but “how does one survive them ?” In his opinion, family businesses which tend to have more deeply encrusted values, will be more serene and respond better to innovation. Historian and design critic, Alba Cappellieri, defined her foundations such as the procedure of assembling ideas and linking elements that are known but regarded as unrelated to each other. In short, a thorough questioning of each one appears inevitable: “only entrepreneurs have the slightest chance of success” announced State Councillor, François Longchamp, while Fabienne Lupo (President of the FHH) declared, “the colours of culture, and not only those of the economy, must be diffused all over the world”. Nobody will forget Luc Ferry's final word, “areas of stiffness tend to shift with age”.

    For a complete acccount of the proceedings:

Replica Longines L4. Watch Reviews

  • Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.

    My only complaint is the style of the band. It is a buckle type and I find that it does not want to stay hooked.BRAZI - From Mexico Hermosillo

  • Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.

    arrived fast and on time.Elise Sabatino - From Switzerland Davesco

  • Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.

    I use to wear a Longines, way to complicated and bulky for me. Decided to get something simple and durable and this is the perfect watch! I have had the wach for about 9 months and have not experienced one single problem. Easy to read, good basic functions, comfortable wristwrap.Lorie G - From Mexico Tuxpan Veracruz

  • Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.

    Love everything except that they neglected to put any florescence on the face and hands. The hands themselves are silver on a silver face. A bit hard to read even in the day. Too bad!William Levingstone - From Poland Bialystok

  • Longines Presence 20 Quartz Stainless Steel (L4.


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