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  • 1 About
  • 2 System Requirements
  • 3 Installation
  • 4 MLServer Variables
  • 5 App Server Variables=
  • 6 MusicLobby, Pandora, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio Configuration for using the AV Agent

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Welcome to the App for MLS4.

We are pleased to announce the availability of Pandora Radio for MLServer. This brand new app will allow you to define up to 4 unique Pandora Radios that can each be assigned to stereo channels on your sound card. This will yield 4 independent radios. Each Radio can be assigned to a different Pandora user account each with its own set of channels.

An active Pandora Radio account is required for playback. Free accounts have ads. Premium accounts are add free. The premise here is that you will use the Pandora web site via any browser to configure and define your stations. The MainLobby interface will then allow you to select the station and play it. As you stop and start playback the app will synchronize with your online account and pick up any changes you have made online. Here is a screen shot from the main interface. Give it a try and post any bugs / suggestions on the forum.

A new set of sample client scenes have been released that contain the new Pandora mls files.

System Requirements

  • MLServer version 4. or later
  • MainLobby Client ot Tablet scenes.
  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • PC with persistent Internet connection


Download and run the App from MLInstaller on the primary MLServer PC. You can optionally download the sample scenes for MainLobby and install them on your client PCs.

Restart MLServer.

MLServer Variables

App Server Variables=

The App will auto generate variables in MLServer based on the settings you have entered. These are most of the variables, look at the MLS4 Server Variables for current variables generated.

  • Appname_variable

MusicLobby, Pandora, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio Configuration for using the AV Agent

If you want to enable a remote audio zone for any of these MLServer Apps then all you need to do is select the "Remote Audio Zone" device from Output device list. This will expose the Remote Audio zone configuration. Enter the name or ip address of the PC where the AV Agent is running and then specify one of the 4 audio zones to use on the agent.

Remote Audio Zone

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