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Chapter Eleven

I woke up when I felt Jake leave the bed. I rolled over and reached for him. His warm hand wrapped around mine, bringing it to his lips.

"Come back to bed," I murmured, pulling at his arm.

"I wish I could, honey, but I have to go meet with Sam. I'll be by after patrols to pick you up," Jake promised.

"Mmm. Kay," I mumbled, dropping his hand.

He chuckled and kissed my forehead.

"I love you," he said.

"Love you," I yawned.

He laughed again before jumping out the window, thumping softly on the ground when he landed.

I rolled over until I was lying where he had been moments before. His warmth and smell still clung to the sheets. I smiled as I fell back asleep.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, finishing breakfast, when the phone rang. Charlie picked it up in the living room where he was watching pre-game shows.

"Bells! It's for you," Charlie called.

I hurried to pick up the kitchen phone, thinking it might be Jake or one of the guys.

"Hello?" I asked as I heard Charlie hang up.

"Hi, Bella. It's Angela."

"Hey. What's up?" I asked, smiling.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today. A bunch of us are going to Port Angeles," Angela offered.

"Ah, I'm sorry, Ang. Jake is coming to get me soon. We had plans together," I told her.

"Bring him along. Please, Bella? Please don't leave me alone with Jessica, Lauren, and the guys. Please!" Angela pleaded.

"Oh, alright," I grumbled after debating.

"Thank you, Bella!" Angela squealed.

"Sure, sure. Let me call Jake and I'll call you right back," I sighed.

"Okay," Angela chirped.

I hung up the phone and sighed. I knew Jake wouldn't want to go to Port Angeles for the day. Heck, even I didn't want to go what with Lauren going. I picked up the phone and dialed his number. I didn't know if he was back from his meeting with Sam yet, but it was worth a shot. If he wasn't home, I'd call Sam's.

"Hello?" Billy answered after three rings.

"Hey, Billy. Is Jake around?" I asked.

"Hey, Bella. He actually just walked through the door. Hold on a sec," Billy said.

There was a shuffling noise as the phone was handed off and then Jake came on the line.

"Good morning, beautiful."

I smiled at his goofy tone, feeling incredibly loved. A warm glow settled over my heart as soon as I heard his voice. I couldn't resist raising a hand to my chest to see if it was actually warmer.

"Good morning to you, too, handsome," I replied.

"So, what's up? I was planning on grabbing a shower before coming to get you," Jake explained.

"Yeah, about that. Angela called a minute ago. She wants me to go to Port Angeles with her. And she wants me to bring you along," I told him, grimacing slightly.

"Oh, yeah? Sounds like fun. Who all is going?" Jake asked.

I started in surprise and pulled the phone away from my ear to stare at it. "Sounds like fun"? What the heck?

"Bells? You there, honey?" Jake asked.

"Uh, yeah, I'm here. Sorry. Just a little shocked," I admitted.

He chuckled lightly.

"Who's going?" Jake repeated, his voice deeper.

It sent chills down my spine and I suddenly wished he was with me so I could kiss him.

"Um. Well, Angela, which means Ben. Then there's Lauren and Jessica, two people who do not like me at all. And she said the guys which probably means Mike, Eric, and Tyler," I listed off for him.

"Hmm. Alright. Why don't you call Leah and see if she and Seth want to tag along? Just in case," Jake added.

I bit my lower lip and frowned.

"Do you really think she might…?" I trailed off, knowing he'd understand.

"No, but it never hurts to be sure. I'll call Quil and Embry when I'm out of the shower and see if they'll come too," Jake decided.

"Jeeze, Jake. Why not just invite all of La Push?" I scoffed.

"Because I'm only interested in the werewolves who are off duty. I don't want another First Beach incident," Jake said.

"Oh, come on, Jake. You said you let it go," I whined.

"I have. I forgave Paul. I just don't want her to ever get that close to you again," Jake growled, obviously not liking the idea.

"Fine. Bring the whole goon squad. I'm going to call Angela back and give her a heads up," I sighed, rubbing my forehead.

I could feel a headache coming on and knew it was all Jake's fault.

"Sounds good, honey. I'll see you soon," Jake said.

"Bye, Jake."

I hung up the phone and shook my head. I dialed Angela's number and told her about my conversation with Jake.

"Wow. We're going to have a real convoy going," Angela laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. What time?" I asked.

"Around eleven. Meet at the diner," Angela supplied.

"See you then," I said before hanging up the phone.

Another call made to Seth and Leah and I was done. I hung up the phone for the last time and went about cleaning up my breakfast. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was nine thirty. That gave me about an hour to get ready.

"Dad, I'm going to Port Angeles with some of the guys from school and La Push," I informed him, walking towards the stairs.

"Alright, Bells. You need money?" Charlie asked.

"No, I'm good," I assured him.

I took a quick shower and dressed in my usual jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie over top. Slipping my feet into my tennis shoes, I hurried downstairs.

I stopped short when I saw the small group clustered in the kitchen. Charlie was keeping watch as Jake, Seth, Leah, Quil, and Embry huddled in the small room. Jake was sitting in his usual seat at the table while everyone else stood around nervously. I couldn't help but smile at their obvious discomfort.

"You guys ready?" I asked, moving to stand beside Charlie.

Everyone looked relieved when I walked in. Jake caught my eyes and gave me a wink. I smiled in response.

"You kids be safe, now," Charlie ordered gruffly.

"Don't worry, Chief. I'll hold her hand while she gets her tattoos and piercings," Jake assured him teasingly.

Charlie's face turned a deep red.

"He's kidding, Dad," I muttered, glaring at Jake.

Charlie grunted and relaxed.

"Let's go if we're gonna go," Quil griped, moving towards the door.

"How are we all getting there? Not everyone can fit in one car," I frowned, following them outside.

"Don't worry. I brought the Rabbit and Quil drove his Cherokee," Jake said, taking my hand.

"Have her back at a decent hour," Charlie called from the door.

"No problem, Chief," Jake answered, smiling at me.

He walked me around to the passenger side of the Rabbit. I blushed when he opened the door for me. He chuckled lightly as I slid into my seat. Seth and Leah climbed into the back while Quil and Embry got into the Cherokee. Jake grinned as he started the car.

"Where to?" Jake asked.

"The diner. We're meeting everyone there," I answered, settling into my seat.

Jake pulled away from the house, drumming his fingers against the wheel. I turned to look at Seth and Leah.

"You guys should know, Jessica and Lauren probably won't like you. Well, they may like you, Seth. They'll definitely try to flirt with you. Which means the guys won't like you. Best thing to do is just ignore them. They don't like competition, so they won't like you, Leah. They'll view you as a threat," I warned.

Seth nodded while Leah looked at me like I was crazy.

"You're kidding me, right? I have no interest in taking their boys away from them. From what you've told me and what I've seen from Jake, they're not worth it," Leah scoffed.

"I'm just saying," I said, holding up my hands in surrender.

"Don't worry, Bells. Leah outranks both of them on the Bitch Scale," Jake teased.

"Jake!" I scolded as Leah snorted.

"She knows I'm teasing, Bells," Jake grinned.

"Still," I huffed.

"Would it help if I apologized?" Jake asked.

"Only if you meant it," I glared.

"I'm sorry, Leah," Jake sighed.

"No problem, flea bag," Leah smiled.

Seth and I laughed as Jake growled at her.

We pulled into the diner a few minutes later. Jake hurried around to open my door for me.

"Did you warn Quil and Embry?" I asked as he helped me out of the car.

"No," Jake laughed.

"Not cool, Jake," I murmured.

"It'll be fine, honey. They can handle themselves," Jake assured me.

"I hope so," I admitted nervously.

Jake took my hand and we walked over to join the others before walking towards my friends from school. Angela waved me over, smiling widely. She dragged Ben over to meet us halfway. Ben didn't look too happy to see Jake again. I glanced behind them to see Mike, Tyler, and Eric glaring at him as well.

"Bella! I'm so glad you decided to come," Angela exclaimed, hugging me.

"Good to see you, too, Ang," I laughed.

She stepped back and Ben wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Angela, this is my boyfriend, Jacob Black, and our friends, Seth and Leah Clearwater, Quil Aterea, and Embry Call. Everybody, this is Angela Weber and her boyfriend, Ben Cheney," I introduced.

Everyone nodded and said "hello".

"Come meet the rest of the gang," Angela insisted, leading the way back to the other group.

After everyone had been introduced, we started debating what to do in Port Angeles. Jessica and Lauren wanted to shop. The guys wanted to see the latest James Bond movie. Angela, Leah, and I were interested in a book store I'd found on a previous trip.

"Alright. Here's what we'll do. Everybody do their own thing for… two hours? Then, we'll go see the movie and do dinner after. Sound good?" Eric asked.

Everyone agreed.

"Let's get going, then!" Quil cried, going to his jeep.

Angela and Ben followed him and Embry. Jessica, Lauren, Eric, and Mike climbed into Tyler's van. Leah, Seth, Jake, and I went back to his Rabbit. Tyler honked his horn as he pulled out of the parking lot. Quil followed him out and Jake brought up the rear.

The entire ride to Port Angeles was filled with chatter about nothing at all. Leah and I were talking about a new book that had come out by one of her favorite authors while Seth and Jake talked about the movie.

"What are you guys going to do until then?" I asked.

"Probably just hang out somewhere. Who knows," Jake shrugged.

"There's a sporting good's store that has a shooting range. You could go there," I suggested.

Both their eyes lit up and I knew that's where they'd be spending the majority of the two hours. I laughed and rolled my eyes at Leah who smirked back at me.

Tyler honked his horn again as he pulled into the movie theater's parking lot a few minutes later. We call climbed out and started talking plans.

"Two hours; we all meet back here," Tyler instructed.

"Are you going to be alright? I don't know if I like letting you go off with just Leah," Jake frowned as everyone dispersed.

"We'll be fine, Jake. I highly doubt we'll see anything of her today," I assured him with a smile.

"Be safe," Jake murmured, kissing me briefly.

"I will," I promised.

Leah was pulling at my arm. I walked backwards, keeping my eyes on Jake. I flashed him one last smile before turning around and walking towards the book store with Angela and Leah.

We spent the entire two hours scanning the shelves for good reads. By the time we were done, we each had about five books.

"We're going to be late," Leah realized as we quickly made our way to the theater.

"I'm sure they'll wait," Angela teased.

Leah and I shared a look while Angela wasn't looking. We both knew Jake would be working himself into a frenzy if we didn't get back soon.

"We better hurry," I said, lengthening my stride.

We ran across the street, dodging traffic and honking horns. It took us about half the time it had taken us to get to the book store to get back to the theater. When we walked up, everyone was waiting for us. None of the guys looked happy.

Jake reached out and yanked me into his arms. I could feel the growls rumbling through his chest. Ben marched up to Angela and was alternately scolding her for not answering her phone and hugging her. Seth, Quil, and Embry were giving Leah dark looks which she, of course, returned.

"Damn it, Bells. Where the hell have you been?" Jake asked roughly.

I felt bad for making him worry about me, but I didn't understand why everyone was so worked up. We were only a few minutes late.

"I'm sorry, Jake. We just lost track of time. Anyway, it's not like we were that late," I pointed out.

"Bells, I-"

"Are we going to see this movie or what?" Lauren interrupted.

Jake sighed and released me from his embrace. He kept his arm around my shoulder, though, obviously not ready to let go of me. I put my arm around his waist and leaned my head against his chest. He squeezed me gently and kissed the top of my head.

"Let's go, man," Tyler called.

We all followed him into the theater and stood in line to buy our tickets. Jake paid for my ticket, despite my protests. I had to beg him to let me pay for the popcorn and soda. He only relented after getting me to agree that he pay for dinner. I tried to argue with him, but it was no use. Jacob Black was just as stubborn as I was.

The theater wasn't very crowded, which was good since we took up nearly an entire row. Or, at least, we would have if we had all sat together. I laughed a little as Jake pulled me about halfway up the steps and into the center of the aisle. He fell into the seat and sighed, propping his legs up on the seat in front of him. I sat beside him and grinned.

"Why don't you want to sit with our friends?" I asked.

"I want you all to myself for a while. Besides, you don't see the rest of them sticking together," Jake snorted.

I looked around and noticed that our group had indeed split up. I smiled happily as I noticed Leah sitting in between Quil and Eric. She was laughing at something Eric said and her whole face was transformed.

"You better stop checking out Leah. I'm starting to feel a little jealous," Jake teased.

"You goof. It's just nice to see her smiling, is all," I laughed, shoving at him.

"I'd have to agree with you there," Jake replied.

"She really is beautiful when she smiles," I continued.

"Mmm. Not nearly as beautiful as you," Jake hummed.

I blushed and felt a tingling beneath my skin at his words. When Jake paid me a compliment, it was hard not to believe him. Everything about him was so genuine. He made me feel special. Not in the way that Edward had. Edward had been convinced that I had no flaws, that I was perfect. Jake saw the flaws and loved me anyways. He knew I was far from perfect, but I was perfect for him.

Jake chuckled at my embarrassment and nuzzled into my neck. We were waiting for the previews to come on and the entire theater was buzzing with conversation.

"Did you enjoy the shooting range?" I asked, taking his hand in mine.

"For a while," Jake admitted.

"What did you do after that?" I asked, tracing designs on his skin.

He tensed slightly and pulled away from me. I frowned up at him, wondering what was wrong. His face was pained and I could tell he was having trouble controlling himself. Knowing I had to calm him down, I brought his hand up to my face and cradled it against my cheek. When his breathing started to regulate, I placed kisses on his palm, tracing the lines with my tongue.

His hand was suddenly removed from my mouth and replaced at the back of my neck. He hauled me up against his chest and kissed me. It was a hard, brutal kiss. This kiss was nothing like what we'd shared before. There was no softness, no compassion. Only raw need.

I moaned slightly and pressed my body closer to him, wanting to feel more. The sound jarred him out of his haze and he pulled back. I blinked up at him as we both struggled to catch our breath.

"I promise you, I'll tell you later. Let's just… enjoy the movie for now. After dinner, I'll tell you," Jake promised, pulling me back against his chest.

"I'm holding you to that," I warned.

He chuckled lightly and nuzzled into my hair. I sighed and relaxed as the previews started lighting up the screen.

I didn't pay much attention to the movie. My mind was focused completely on Jake. I knew I could reach out, open his mind, and figure out what had happened that had him so shaken, but I didn't. He wanted to wait to tell me, so I would wait. If he tried to back out, I'd find out through his thoughts. It might be an invasion of privacy, but if something had happened to endanger me, Jake, or the rest of the pack, there was no such thing as privacy. Not to an Omega.

Jake sensed that I was becoming worried and starting rubbing slow circles on my side. He nestled into my neck and started kissing the sensitive skin there. I moaned softly as his tongue darted out to taste me. His arm tightened around my waist, pulling me closer to his body. I couldn't hold in the gasp that came out when I felt his reaction to our close positions and earlier kiss.

He was hard. And big. And, oh, dear God, did I like it.

His hand that had been resting on my lower thigh slowly started inching upwards. I held my breath in anticipation, wondering what he was going to do. His hand reached the top of my thigh and began the slow trail back down. I bit my lip against the whimper that threatened to escape.

Jake continued his assault on my neck, bringing his teeth into play as he nibbled at my collarbone. I was tilting my head before I realized what I was doing, begging him silently not to stop. I could feel his smile as he continued his exploration of my skin and felt my own lips twitch in response.

His hand was making the journey back up and this time I prayed he'd keep it there. My prayer was answered. When he reached the juncture of my thighs, his fingers started kneading my skin. I moved my hips against his hand, feeling a strange tension coiling in my stomach.

He suddenly stopped moving, his entire body going still. I pulled away to look at him. His eyes were shut and he was breathing heavy. I reached up and traced a finger down his tense jaw. His eyes snapped open and I was lost in the dark depths of his desire for me.

The lights came on, but neither one of us moved. We were too busy reading every detail of the other's soul. I definitely liked what I saw.

"You guys coming or what?"

We both turned to see the rest of our group standing at the bottom of the theater, grinning up at us. I blushed and moved further away from Jake. He was just too tempting with his body so close to mine.

Jake chuckled and helped me out of my seat. He kept hold of my hand as we made our way down the steps to meet up with the others.

"So, did you two enjoy the movie?" Quil asked, smirking.

I blushed deeper as I realized they all knew Jake and I hadn't paid one bit of attention to what was happening on the screen.

"Actually, we did. Best time I've ever had in a theater," Jake grinned, pulling me under his arm.

I felt my eyes go wide and slapped his stomach for egging them on. Jake just laughed with the rest of them.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed it, cause it's the last time you'll be having fun with me in a theater," I snapped, storming away.

I was biting my lips together to keep from laughing. Really, being around Jake and his friends was like being around... a bunch of horny teenagers. I laughed a little as I realized that's exactly what they were. And I apparently wasn't too far away from them. I couldn't believe I'd let Jake do all that to me in a movie theater!

"Bella! Wait up!"

I stopped and waited for Jake to catch up with me. He started talking before he'd even reached me.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I thought-"

He stopped short when he saw I was smiling. Shock registered on his face for about two seconds before he was glaring at me, his own smile fighting not to come out.

"That was not nice, Miss Swan," Jake said threateningly.

"My apologies, Mr. Black. I didn't realize you'd take my teasing so seriously," I smiled, batting my eyelashes at him.

Jake continued to glare down at me, but I knew he wasn't mad. I moved closer to him until there wasn't hardly any space between us. I placed my hand right over his heart and looked up at him.

"Am I forgiven?" I asked softly, my eyes wide.

Jake let out a sigh that sounded more like a growl. His arms wrapped around me, closing off the minute space that had been between us. He lowered his head and I thought he was going to kiss me. Instead-

"You don't play fair, Bells," Jake murmured in my ear.

He then placed a hot, open mouthed kiss right below said ear causing me to gasp and clutch him tighter. He chuckled and pulled away.

"Good thing I don't either."

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