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الانفجار الكبير هوبلوت
replika ur
perfekte replika ure
Женские часы

Some References

A Botanical Names, (English) Sinhala Sanskrit (Pali) Tamil Toponyms, Notes, Links Abelmoschus angulosus, A.moschatus (Muskdana, Ambrette,Musky-seeded hibiscus, Okra, Ornamental Okra) Kapukinissa latakasturika- varttilai kasturi- The seeds of this Okra like plant are scented, and the oil is used in perfumes.
It is used in Asian-Indian medicine as being effective against "Pheglm ('sem" in Sri Lanka), and "Air"(Vaatha)., and for aphrodisiac, opthalmic, cardiotonic, digestiveand other applications in herbal medicine, snake-bite therapy etc. Images Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra, ladies Fingers, Bhindi) Bandakka pitali vendai, Vendaikkaay Images and write up Claims of traditional (herbal) medicine ETC. Abrus melanospermus, Abrus pulchellus Ela Olinda - - A slender perennial twiner, glabrous with long internodes, stems slender, cylindrical, branched with smooth wrinkled brown bark; leaves alternate with stipules.
"the leaves are by far the sweetest part of the plant, and from them a tolerable extract may be made, but in most parts of India, where true liquorice is obtainable in any quantity as an article of commerce, it would be much more expensive to collect them than to use liquorice. The roots of Taverniera nummularia, and Alysicarpus longifolius, are sweet like liquorice, and are called liquorice in India."(Dymcock, Warden, Hooper) - Abrus precatorius Olinda raktika kakachinchi kunri,Adisamiyai Seeds are most poisonous- Images Abutilon indicum (indian mallow) Beheth Anoda, Wal Anoda Athibala,- thuththi The plant may grow to two meters, with golden yellow flowers. The powdered parts of the leaf are eaten with honey in alternative medicine. Herbal medicine. For example, its leaves are used for treating skin infections. Acacia Arabica (babul tree, Indian gum tree, Gondh)
Fabaceae plant family Baabulu, gam babbula, Vabbula,
Kimshuka or Palasa or flame of the forest. Karuval, Kinthirikkam (Malayalam) A species of Acacia all of which yield a gum resin which is used both medicinally and for various economic purposes. Acacia gum has astringent, styptic, and tonic properties, and of these varieties Acacia gum and Acacia Catechu are much used in medicine. It is added to pharmacy preparations as a filler or base. Images and write up - Acacia caesia Hingurupatta vel, Hingurupaththa vael Nikunjika indu, intu, vellintu, inkakkai - Acacia catechu (Wattle) See also Dichrostachys cinerea katu andara, Kaippu (?)
see also Prosopis cinerea , known as "vanni-andara". - karunkali, karangalli A large shrub with thornes used as a hedge plant. Flowers in axillary. Seeds in thin pods. -Woody branches are used as toothbrushes. The pod powder is a substitute for soap.The leaf is used as a vegetable. The powdered bark is also a substitute-soap and its decoction is used as a lice killers. see Soloman eraju et al., current science, vol. 91, NO. 7, 10 OCTOBER 2006

It has been claimed that Scottish scientists have found the closely related shrub Dichrostachys cinerea to be a valuable source of activated charcoal which is much better in quality (finer grain size) than the activated charcoal from oconut and much cheaper as well. Strathclyde University scientists end marabu weed nightmare However, its use as a possible charcoal source seems to have been known in Cuba, And in 2011 charcoal exports reached a value of 6 million USD: Charcoal Making in Cuba
Acacia chundra, Acasia sundra Kihiri, Rat Kihiriya - karangali A small tree with a dark brown bark and purple young shoots. Acacia concinna, Acacia hooperiana, Acacia sinuata (Soap-pod)
Family: Fabaceae, or mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family) Image and write up Seenidda Bahuphenarasa, Bhuriphena,Charmakansa, Charmakasa, Phenila
Image and write up cikkay, Shikakai The tree is food for the larvae of the butterfly Pantoporia hordonia .
For an effective hair tonic, a decoction of Seenidda (acacia concinna) makes an excellent hair wash. The powdered pods can be used as natural shampoo. Shikakai has a natural low pH and very mild and ideal to wash hair.Lunuwilla can be used as a substitute. Both herbs promote the growth of hair, kill lice and do away with dandruff.- Acacia cornigera (Cockspur) kukul-katu andara
A forbidding , low thorny shrub found in the Ambalanthota dryzone area at one time.
We are not very certain of this identification of "kukul katu" andara as Acacia cornigera . If you have informatyion, please write to - - Sometimes called the Bullhorn or Cow Thorn, this plant has a symbiotic relationship with an aggressive and painful species of ant (Pseudomyrmex ferruginea). The ants live in its thorns and protect the tree from encroaching plants, trying to grow near its trunk or leaves high in the canopy. The ants also emerge from the thorns to attack other insects, humans and animals that come in contact with the tree.- Acacia farnesiana Seenidda - velvel - Acacia ferruginea Ela Kihiriya - See under Rath Kihitiya - Acacia leucophloea Katu Keena, katu kihiri - velvelam, karuvel, The 'katu' in sinhala may have the meaning of thorn or forest-brush, while keena also means sharp. The word "veal" in tamil means "thorn" and karuveal virtually means "dark thorns"- Acacia nilotica (gum arabic tree) Katu kihiri babbula,Varvrurha tiritapicam , kathira maram The gum arabic was introduced to S. Asia by Arabs in medieval times. Acacia tomentosa Ali katu - Aani mulla - Acalypha indica Kuppamenia, Kuppamenia
The name is probably from the Malayalam kuppameni haritamanjari kuppaimeni An annual herb-leaves simple, alternate, 3.7~cm long, The same name is confusingly used for Nepeta cateria or Catnip in the local languages of Sri lanka. Acalypha is used against asthma, piles, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Image Acorus calamus (Sweet Flal, Calamus) Wadakaha, Vad(h)akaha - වදකභ

Traditionally used against depression, mental disorders and general debility. Acorus calamus is also combined with Polygala root to help maintain mental and intellectual health of the elderly and dementia or memory loss (cognitive disorders. Phytotherapy Research 17, 1-18. Howes, M.R., Houghton, P.J., 2003. Plants used in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine for improvement of memory and cognitive function. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, vol. 75, 513-527). Vacha,Sadgrantha

Medicinal plant; An aromatic, marshy herb with a stout creeping and branching rootstock-
In Sanskrit, vaca means "speaking". It is claimed to stimulate expression and intelligence. The Ayurvedic Sarasvata choorna , which contains vaca is commonly used in epilepsy, hysteria etc. Maharishi Charaka , the ancient Indian medical writer, had ascribed exceptional properties to it. vacampu, vasambu During the 1955 total solar eclipse visible in Sri Lanka the astrologers even claimed that drinking a concoction of "Vadhakaha" would change dark complexioned skin to fair complexion. Hence the "Baila" song "Bivva ne~da vadakaha sudiya~".
Image   Abe Sebaluvan (our soldiers); Listen to 2010 election song written to the tune of "vadhakaha sudiya" Acronychia pedunculata Ankenda Gandha rusa- - Medicinal: Fractures,Ulcers,Purgatives,Scabies- Acrovestine, a cytotoxic principle has been found in the stem and roots.
Ayurvedic oils.Pyranocoumerins have been isolated. Popular as a Bonsai ornamental plant. Actaea racemosa, Cimicifuga racemosa. Black cohosh, black snakeroot
Family Name: Ranunculaceae   Imager and write up ? - - Used mainly as a herbal source for medications used to relieve hot flashes during menopause ( a concoction of the root is also consumed). It was a component of 19th century `Miss Pinkham's vegetable compound for female complaints etc'. Extracts from the plants are claimed to be analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory. Not native to Sri Lanka. native to USA. Adansonia digitata Baobab tree, Bottle tree Aliya Gaha- - - A very large tree with a smooth, pinkish-grey bark; leaves alternate, palmate compound, deciduous.
The Baobab trees found in Mannar (Mannarama) are a land mark. The tree is endemic to Madagascar and neighbouring Africa. The leaves are eaten as a vegetable. The timber stores water to met the drought. Adenanthera aglaosperma Alston Masmora ? - - classification   Reference: Adenanthera aglaosperma Alston [Ann. Roy. Bot. Gard. (Peradeniya) 11:204. 1929] (= Adenanthera bicolor Moon ex Thwaites) - Adenanthera pavonina, Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm (Red beadtree) Madatiya, Madhatiya, මදටිය kusandana tilam, manjadi Large Tree. The deep red seeds are similar to "Olinda" seeds. The "madetiya" seed was used in traditional medicine as a weight measure known as manchaadi or madeta , as the seeds are rather regular in size, and do not dry up due to the thick shell. In England Barley seeds were used as a weight, with 480 grains being one ounce. According to H. W. Codrington (Ceylon coins and currency, 1924) a "madeta" or manchaadi was roughly 3.3-3.4 English grains, while a Kalanda was 20 "madeta" or "manchadis".
The Oil, leaves, bark, seed etc. are used in traditional herbal treatments. This tree is also sometimes known as "Red Sandlewood tree", However, red sandlewood is Pterocarpus santalinus (see write up under the letter P). Image Adhatoda vasica, Adhatoda zeylanica, Justicia adhatoda (Malabarnut tree, Pavatta) Vang Aepala, Agaladara, Agalaadaara, Adathoda

The older sinhala name "Vang Aepala" වං අ ᒡ පල is now rarely used. Agalaadaara is more frequent. The form Aadathoda , derived from Tamil is also frequently used. B. Clough's 19th century dictionary, p 680 cites Vang Aepala as well as Agala Aadara but not Aadathoda . The names "Sinhaasay" and "Sinhamukhi", and "Sinha-parni" have also been used in Sinhala medical texts as the flowers of this plant are compared to the face of a lion.
vrasa, Vasaka Atatotai, Adatodai, Adadodai (Malayalam- Adalodakam) This is a dense shrub with a yellowish bark; grows to a height of 1.2 to 2.4 meters with many long ascending branches. The elongated lanceolate leaves are dark green and paler beneath.The white (also pinkish) flowers are borne in short dense axillary spikes. The fruits are prune-shaped.

A quinazoline alkaloid known as l -vascine (i.e., 1,2,3,9-tetrahydropyrrolo[2,1-b]quinazolin-3-ol), and other alkaloids ( l -vasicinone., deoxyvasicine, maiontone, some minor alkaloids viz. Vasicol, adhatodinine and vasicinolare) are found in the leaves and other parts of the plant. The phramocologically activity of l -vascine in dilating the bronchial tubes is well known.

Important medicinal herb, used for relief of chest colds, bronchial asthma etc. An infusion of Adathoda leaves, ginger, and honey, or decoctions of Agalaadaara Katuvael batu (Solanum Jacquini), Elabatu (Solanum Indica), ginger and Tipplili (piper niger) are also used, as home remedies, in Sri Lanka. The product is sold in syrup form in south Asia. Large doses are claimed to abort pregnancies.   See Adiantum capillus-veneris, (black maidenhair fern) Vaelvaenna, Walwenna, Walawenna Parna- - Common houseplant in the west. Not native to Sri Lanka. Used as a medicinal herb (for cough) but now ferns are recognized as possibly carcinogenic and toxic. Used externally against snakebite. Adina cordifolia Kolon - mancal katampu, kadambai See also Xanthochymus pictorius, Xanthocymus pictorius regarding "Kolon gaha" and false etymologies based on regarding the place-name "Colombo". - Aechmea fasciata (bromeliad, urn plant, fancy-pineapple, pineapple fern) Mal Annasi (?) - - Bromeliads are a generic name for a whole group of plants. Tillandsia sprengeliana is an example of a well-known bromeliad. A very popular Pineapple-like plant is Aechmea fasciata . Urban ornamentals have become important in Sri Lanka as their leaf bases may collect water, becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The plants are not native, and the name "mal annasi" may be a recent invention by local horticulturalists. There may be other such "in-trade names". The ability of about half the species to live epiphytically -i.e., on top of tree branches, c.f., Orchids - allows them to obtain more sunlight.
The pineapple is the most common bromeliad. It is unusual as it is terrestrial and produces the only known edible bromeliad fruit of over 3000 species. Medicinal uses claimed for Bromeldiads   Aechmea fasciata , images and write up for a popular Bromeliad Aegiceras Corriculatum Heen Kadol - Vithilikanna related to mangroves Aegle marmelos (Beli fruit) Images and write up

A large tree with fruit-shell containing a yellow sweet pulp. Flowers and tender leaves are used to make herbal tea. Fruit helps digestion. Beli is used in the Dashamoola Arishtaya.
බෙලි ShreePhal,Adhararuha, Sivadrumah, Tripatre

In India the Beli tree is deicated to Shiva and considered to be sacred. kuvilam, Vilvam The place name "Beligala" is mentioned in the Kadaimpotha acoording to: Journal of the Ceylon branch of the Royal Asiatic Soc., Volume 8, Issues 26-29 "The principality of Beligala appears in the Kadaimpoth, or "old boundary books", among the districts of the Maaya division". Beligala was included in the 13 great temples where Bodhi treas were planted by Chulabhaya. When the Tooth relic was brought from Kothmale by Wijayabahu III (13th century), after concealment during the time of the Magha-Kalinga, the relic went to dambadeniya (Jambudroni) and then to Beligala. The famous Bhuvaneka Bahu Pirivena probabaly existed here. The text Rajaratnaakaraya reports useful historical details which complement the sparse discussion in the Plai chronicles.
Aerva lanata Polpala, pol-kuduplala, pahanabaya, pusswenna - cirupilai, thengapookeerai Medicinal herb, diuretic taken as a tisane. Annual herb, 60-75 cm tall, often woody at base ; stems green, erect or prostrate, with numerous, slender, cylindrical, more or less cottony, hairy branches leaves simple, alternate, 1.2-2.5 cm long, 0.9-2.5 cm broad, oval or spathulate-oval- effects of polpala on the structure and function of urinary tract of rats, by HMDR> Herath et al, Cey. J. med. Sci., 2005.
Agave vera-cruz (Agave, Century plant)) Pathok-hana- Kantala- Alagai- - Ageratum conyzoides(Billygoat-weed, Chick weed, Goatweed, Whiteweed;) Hulantala- - appakkoti Common weed, some times used in herbal medicine. But now it is known to be dangerous to the liver and could be toxic in other ways. Ageratina Adenophora (Croton weed) and Ageratina riparia Mist flower
Asteraceae family, Wiki - - Larvicidal activity reported in Tamil Nadu studies. These are weed species that have invaded Sri Lanka, esp. Knuckles etc,. History and distribution of .... Article by Lalith Gunasekera Aglaia roxburghiana Puwangu, Puvangu - cokkalai, kannikkompu Place name: Puvangudiva, puvangudoova, mentioned in the Pali chronicles.;
Morphology: A moderate-sized or large tree (mahogany family) with a smooth, dull grayish orange bark and young parts covered with minute ferruginous scales; leaves compound, alternate, exstipulate, pinnate, rachis ~5 cm long. An anti-inflammatory.
see also Myristica horsfieldia ,. Many Aglaia species are similar and Aglaia odorata (Chinese Rice Flower) is sometimes said to be "puvangu". The tree known as "Mal-Karanda" (Millettia pinnata) may also have been the ancient "Puvangu" . Agrostistachys Indica , Agrostistachys hookeri
Shrub or tree. The leaves were used for thatching huts. However, the treee has become nearly extinct. It is in the IUCN red list 2006. Agrostistachin, a cytotoxic constituent of this plant has been characterized as a rare diterpinoid of the casbane class. Anti-tumour agents, ellagic acid derivatives etc, are being investigated from the extracts of this plant.


Three leaf types of the Beru tree are said to be found in Sri Lanka.

The name Agrostistachys ciricacea " has been listed in an Asia-Pacific database but we don't know what it is - Images and botany write up
The name is probabaly pronounced with a long "e", බේරැ - Mancharei

Although the village of beruwala has been used by Arab traders, there has been no attempt to generate an Arabic or Tamilized place name here.
Toponym: There are two possibilities for the origin of the name:
(1)The name of the small fishing village on the south western coast known as "Beruwala" බේරුවල is likely to mean "the thicket of Beru trees, viz., Beru - vala", where "vala" means "vanaya", (and not pit) in Sinhalese.
Henry Yule (Scottish historian and Geographer of the 19th century) used the name Perivils for the port of Beruwela. The name "Perivil" may itself have been a europeanization of the sinhala name "Beru-vala", as the change of
B ↔ P , as well as "vil &harr: vala" are common.

(2) A folklore etymology claims that the name comes from " Be -ruvala ", i.e., "drop the sail", where "Be" is said to represent baanava , and ruvala is sail. If this etymology is to be consistent, the name should be "Baeruvala"- බෑරුවල. Further more, sails are lowered long before the boat reaches land, and no such name is found in any other fishing harbour in Sri Lanka. Hence we strongly discount this etymology.

History According to Prof. W. I. Suraweera (Sunday Observer, August 2nd, 1998), this fishing village has been one of the earliest Arab-trader settlements in Sri Lanka. Thus, From John de Marignolli's account (14th century) it may be inferred that Beruwala had accepted Moor settlers. He states that the administrator at Perivills was Coya Jhan, apparently the name of a Moor chief. From the Sandesa poems it can be ascertained that Beruwala was a Moor trading centre in the fifteenth century with many mansions and large shops. The Beruwala mosque and the village were destroyed by the Portuguese. Today the area has a population of Muslims, Sinhalese Catholics and Buddhists. Article on Beruwala in the Island Newspaper June 2011
Beru-kaetiya is another place names associated with Beru . "Kaetiya" is a standard sinhala word meaning "agglomeration" or "golla". Alangium lamarkii, Alangium lamarkii, Grewia salvifolia. - Ruk-Anguna1- Ankota. Dhalakura - A small tree, used in indegeneous medicine for skin diseases, dysentry fever etc. The leaves have been shown to reduce inflammation. Image and writeup Alangium salviifolium (sage-leaf Alangium, Sage Dogwood) Ruk-Anguna- Amkol alincil,sainkolam tall thorny tree, - In Ayurveda the roots and the fruits are used for rheumatism, and hemorrhoid.Externally used for the treatment of animal bites Alastonia scholaris- C.f., Alstonia scholaris (L.).
Echites scholaris L.
Devil tree. Milkwood pine
Images and write up Ruk Attana - Sapta-parni Elilaipalai, Mukam palei, Palai, Palegaruda- Place names: Aettampana (Adampan)., Kok-aththana-kulama etc., the name in these cases probably refers to Datura species. Rukattana is a large tree, with a white exudate and whorls of simple narrow oblong leaves. The Sanskrit name may be associated with the presence of whorls of leaves. Albizia amara (Oil cake tree) - Iha - Krishnasrirsh Vunja- Images and write up - Albizia lebbeck Mara, Maara, Sooriya Mara - bhandi, sirisah - Albizia odoratissima Sooriya Mara, Albezia, Girizeeniya sirisa karuvagai Morphology:A very large tree with a thick, grey bark, spreading branches and pubescent young parts;leaves alternate, bipinnate compound, large, 10-15 cm long, pubescent with a single large sessile gland near the base and generally one between bases of termi.
This tree has gained significance in Dendro bio-energy applications as it laps up the sun (sooriya) and grows quickly Allamanda cathartica (Golden trumpet) Val Ruk Attana - Chashakapushpi - - Ornamental plant, but the milky latex is poisonous. Although claimed to be from Brazil, it is known in Sanskrit. Image - Allium ascalonicum (red onions, shallots)
Liliaceae family. Rathuloonu- Lasuna, rasona - Vellaippuntu- - Allium sativum (Garlic) Suduloonu - - puntu, vellulli Garlic is a valuable component in good cooking.
Claims have been made that consumption of garlic reduces stomach, intestinal and colo-rectal cancers, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol etc., esp by proponents of alternative medicine. The picture is not unequivocal although there seems to be some evidence in favour of these claims. Some scientific studies on garlic Allophylus cobbe, A. zeylanicus (Tit berry) Kobbe, kobbae කොබෙයි ගභ - Triputa- Amalai- Native to Sri Lanka. The bark is used, peeled down towards the roots, to make bandages in traditional orthopaedic treatments. Images and write up. Alocasia indica, Alocasia macrorrhiza (Taro) Habarala - - - Place names Habarana, Habaraduwa, Habarakada, Haburu gala, Sabaragamuwa are well known

The name "habarala" is used loosely in sinhala for Colacasia and Xanthosoma species as well. Habarala is etymologically "Haburu ala". The name "Haburu" tends to be used for "Gahala" interchangeably.
A robust herb with bright green, large, triangular-sagittate, slightly repand leaves with strongly marked, whitish midrib, strong, pale secondary nerves. Alocasia plants differ from Colocasia by having the leaf stalk (petiole) join the leaf blade nearer the basal notch. In Colocasia, the petiole is attached closer to the center of the blade.
Some varieties of gahala are edible if boiled sufficiently to get rid of hydrogencyanide which is generated from the Cyanogenic Gulocside contained in these tubers. Ginger contains linamarase-like compounds capable of releasing hydrocyanic acid from the glucoside (e.g., see: Kodagoda N, Marcus V, Ambalavaner S. Some observations on the liberation of hydrogen cyanide from manioc. Proceedings of the Annual Sessions of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science 1973; 1: 38.). Hence it is best to avoid Ginger with Manioc, Gahala, Habarala, Hondala and other tubers which contain glucosides associated with poisonous acids. - Alocasia cucullata (Chinese Taro, Buddha hand) Panu-habarala - - - "Leaves heart-shaped ; In Sri lanka used medicinally and as an ornamental plant. Image Alocasia macrorrhizos (giant taro, elephant-ear taro, Variegated Upright Elephant Ear) Nai Habarala, Habarala, Ali habarala - Hastikarni - Parum sembu - The leaves can grow to three meters and is said to be the largest known undivided leaf.-large handsome variegated leaves : used only in native medicine. Images
  Images and notes Alocasia macrorrhiza, Giant Taro, Giant Elephant Ear, Upright Elephant Ear, Pai Alocasia alba is the smaller, common species in Sri Lanka. Alocasia sp. (Chinese Taro, Buddha hand) Mapil-habarala - - - A medicinal species, distinct by a spotted leaf-stalk, the vernacular name is said to be derived from the supposed resemblance of the latter to the "Mapila" snake (cat snake Boiga ceylonensis, or Boiga barnesii ). Maspil habarala image Aloe species - Vel Komarika
Vael Komarika
kirikawelu - - (see also Clough's dictionary)
A perennial herb with a very short, thick, cylindrical, simple, woody stem sending out at the base numerous stolons; roots fibrous and fleshy; leaves not very- numerous, sessile, densely crowded on the short stem with wide, dilated bases, spreading below.

The most commonly used preparation from this herb is the aloe gel, a thick viscid liquid found in the interior of the leaves. The leaves are used in the treatment of burns etc. See Komarika Aloe vera - littiralis Komarica, Komarika - - Pulp of thick leaf has medicinal applications. See Aloe Vera Images and claims of use in traditional medicine Alpinia calcarata Heen Araththa- - - Medicinal herb used in Sinhala medicine. Seee Arambawela et al., Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 95, Issues 2-3, December 2004, Pages 311-316 Alpinia galanga Maha Araththa, Arratta, Gandhanakuli (Clough P153), Kaluwala (p114 of Clough) - arattai,perarattai Tuberous medicinal plant related to Turmeric. Alstonia macrophylla Havari Nuga - - Similar to Ruk Atana (see A. Scholaris) Alstonia scholaris, c.f., Alastonia S. (milkwood pine, Indian Devil tree) Ruk Attana saptaparna elilaippalai Large Tree. see also under Datura
Attampana (Adampan), Attampanthala (Adampantalavu) Podidompe (Sinnadampan)
Seeds are highly poisonous and alters consciousness. The bark and latex are used in herbal medications. Alstonia venenata Midella raja-adana sinnappalai, palamunnipalai - Alternanthera sessilis Mukunuwenna, Mukunuvaenna matsyaksaka ponnankanni, kotuppai A prostrate herb with numerous, subquadrangular, glabrous stems, 15-60 cm long.- valuable SRI Lanka leaf-food, in "Kola kaenda"(leaf broth) and "Maellung"(cooked salad). Medicinal uses in herbal medicine. Images and write up Alysicarpus ovalifolius, A. vaginalis (white moneywort, Alyce clover) Aswenna Aesvaenna
used in ayurveda- - - A semi-woody herbaceous annual with numerous long stems ~60 cm long, ascending, branched, wiry, glabrous, often rooting at the base; leaves alternate, 1-foliate, variable, ~1.2 cm long, on petioles about a third as long, varying from linear-lanceolate.- Amaranthus oleraceus, A- paniculatus, A-spinosus. Red Amaranth Thampala
The name is likely to be effectively "Dampala", දම්පලා - - See Amaranthus Tricolor for the common "Tampala".
A- paniculatus is a tall annual, ~1.2 m high with stout, grooved and striate, glabrous or slightly pubescent stems ; leaves simple, alternate, ~5 cm long, ~2.5cm broad, elliptic lanceolate, acute or acuminate, base cuneate, nerves slender, numerous.
A. Spinosus is much shorter, green. - Amaranthus polygonoides vael Tampala- - - A prostrate, glabrous herb with many spreading branches ; leaves small, 0.7 cm long, 0.5 broad, obovate or obovate-lanceolate or spathulate, obtuse or rounded at apex, sharply apiculate. tapering to the petiole.- Amaranthus tricolor Amaranth. Click here for write up and picture. Thampala, The sinhala name is likely to be equivalently "Dampalaa", දම්පලා since the word "dam" refers to the purplish color of the stalks. Note "dam" and "Jambu" in Sanskrit. Alpamarisa, marisa, meghananda, panysaaka.
The seeds of Amarantha, esp. seeds of Amaranthus caudatus are used in Mexico, Peru etc., and have now become a "health food" grain like "quionia" and "Chia" seeds. The seeds are free of gluten.
Amaranth species, many grasses and sugar cane use the C4 mechanism (known also as the Hatch-Slack mechanism.) for carbon dioxide absorption for photsynthesis, unlike most plants which use the C3 mechanism (known as the Calvin mechanism). Such plants are more efficient to mitigating global warming via more efficient carbon fixation. C3 and C4 carbon fixation and photsynthesis. cerikkirai,thandukkeerai Palahena (Palachenai) Palamotte (Palamoddai) Thampalagama (Tampalakamam)
The seeds of the red amaranth, as well as the plant itself were a major food in early cultures. Its genes (Amaranth Albumin 1, AmA1) have now been introduced by Indian scientists into potatoes, to produce transgenic potatoes which contain between 35 and 60 percent more protein than unmodified potatoes. They also contain increased levels of amino acids, notably lysine, tyrosine and sulphur, which are usually limited in potatoes. However, amaranth grain is deficient in essential amino acids such as leucine and threonine Amaranthus viridis Koora Thampala tanduliyah kuppaikkirai, vakucakkirai - Amorphophallus campanulatus Bl. , Amorphophallus paeonhifolius Dennst. (Elephant-foot yam, Carrion flower, Devils tounge) Kidaran, kidaaran -කිඩාරං Surana karakarunai, boomi sallaraikilangu The plant is an aroid or arum , i.e., a plant of the family Araceae ; having small flowers massed on a spadix surrounded by a large spathe. It has "habarala-like" tubers which can be eaten if properly cooked. If improperly cooked, the tubers are poisonous. When the plant flowers, a very unpleasant odor is given out, resembling that of carrion, and flies cover the club of the spadix with their eggs. Images and write up   Image Ampelocissus indica - Rata Bawlath Vael, Val midda vael ? - - - Image - A vine with grape-like fruit (poisonous) probabaly containing oxalates. Anacardium occidentale (Cashew) Kadju, kaju kajutaka muntiri, andimangottai Popularized by the Portuguese, initially as a soil improver. Anoectochilus setaceus Blume, Anaectochilus setaceus Vana raja mala, WanaRaja mala - - Exceptional ground Orchid, still found in the Sinharaja. Christie Alwis: "beautiful Orchids Amyrus agallocha Gugulu - - type of balsam tree, as per Clough's dictionary, p163; also the name "gugulu" seems to have been used for murunga . Anamirta cocculus (Poison berry, Fish berry) Thiththawel - Thiththavael Anamurthi- kakkai-k-kolli, Nanju in malayalam - A woody climber shrub. The kidney shaped seeds turn red when ripened.
The name "Cocculus indicu" has also been used, especially for the seed. The seeds contain 2 alkaloids - Menispermine and paramenisperme and the fat from the seeds contain Palmitic, stearic, Oleic and Linoleic acids. Its leaves, seeds and fruits are used in Ayurvedic preparations. The fruits are bitter and poisonous. However, they are used in various parts of south asia as Astringent, Expectorant, Antifungal, Anthelmintic and in controlling head lice, scabies etc. The powdered seed is used as a fish poison (in South India), and adversely destroys all aquatic life. It causes cause trembling, tetanic convulsions in animals and may even kill cattle. Image of climbe   Additonal images Ananas comosus (Pineapple) Annnasi bahunetra, paravati anashap-pazham, poonthazham pazham Popularized by the Portuguese. Native to the Amazon with the Tupi name Nana However, some sinhala writers have argued that "Anna-asi" is derived from the words "sword ( asi ) which cuts (digests) the food ( anna )". Names of fruits, plants etc are, unfortunately, never realistically originate from such clear etymological bases!
Pinapple is one of the few ground growing Bromeliads , and it is also one of the few edible-fruit bearing members of this group of plants.
Pineapple which contains Bromelian enzyme is well known for its valuable digestive properties, and in controlling purine buildup in the blood (Gout formation) etc. It is also used as a meat tenderizer.   Medicinal uses claimed for Bromeldiads Ananas sativus Annasi anannasa, ama annaci see Ananas comosus Anaphalis subdecurrense Maha Sudana - - - Andrographis paniculata Heen Kohomba- - nilavembu, nilavempu see also: Azadirachta indica Andropogon contortus Itana - kavattampul? a grass Andropogon muricatum Savandara, Saevaendara,Sawandara Birana (Pali), laamajjaka (Pali), Virana, Usira (sanskrit) - Fragrant grass, mentioned in Pali and Sanskrit texts. Andropogon squarrosus saevandara - - a grass Angel mamelos, Angel marmelos see Aegle marmelos Beli - - -see Aegle marmelos A nisochilus carnosus Kapparavalli - karppuravalli Medicinal: Stimulants,Coughs,Expectorants Anisomeles indica - Yak Wanassa - - - - Anisophyllea cinnamomoides - Welipiyan, Vaelipiyan- - - found in swamp forests, connected to the mangrove family- Annona Muricata (sour-sop, custard apple) Katu Anoda,,Anona, Katu-Aaththa, Katu-anoda
The name Katu-Aaththa is closely related to the Bengali name Aththa, also used in Portuguese. The Tamil name is clearly derived from the Sanskrit. Note that these names are used indiscriminately for Annona Muricata and Annona squamosa which is very similar (squamosa is correctly Vaeli Aththa, while muricata is Katu-Anoda or Katu-Aaththa)
This is a well-known Sri lankan fruit with a very special falvour, due to the presence of various aliphatic esters which may be useful in food flavoring (2-hexenoic acid methyl ester 23.9% is dominant; Jirovetz et al.,J. Agric. Food Chem., 1998, 46 (9), pp 37193-720 ). The tree is small and fast-growing. The skin of the rather large fruit is thin and is covered with conical nibs. The white, pulpy flesh, which contains juice, is peppered with small shiny, black inedible seeds, and has a pleasant, sweet-acidic taste. As it is rather fibrous, its squeezed juice makes a better choice, and has, in fact become more popular than the fresh fruit as such. Soursop has few seedless varieties, but they are rare.
sitaphal- Seetha palam Claimed untreated control group were still alive and lung tumor sizes were then measured. The adriamycin group showed a 54.6% reduction of tumor mass over the control group-but 50% of the animals had died from toxicity (three of six). The mice receiving annonacin were all still alive, and the tumors were inhibited by 57.9% -slightly better than adriamycin and without toxicity. This led the researchers to summarize; "This suggested that annonacin was less toxic in mice. On considering the antitumor activity and toxicity, annonacin might be used as a lead to develop a potential anticancer agent." . See also anecdotal reports on anti-cancer activity in Katupila . However, Katupila is not the same as Katu-Anonda (Anona Muricata) We identify Katupila with Fluegea Leucopyrus (Euphorbiaceae) Annona reticulata Vaeli Anoda lavani- aninuna, manilayatta - Annona squamosa vaeli-Aththa, Anona sitaphala atta, sitapalam - Anoectochilus setceus (Orchid) Wana Raja, Vana raaaja - - - Anogeissus latifolia Dawu, Davu - produces a resin. Dummala, Resin used in Sri Lanka - namai,vekkali A small or medium-sized tree with an erect trunk, very smooth whitish-grey bark and glabrous young parts; leaves simple, alternate or subopposite without stipules.- Antiaris toxicaria Riti gaha - nettavil A tall evergreen tree about 40-45 m tall with a straight, trunk buttressed at the base and vertically panelled, mottled black and white bark; leaves simple, alternate, 10-20 cm long, oblong or oval-oblong, acuminate, mucronate, cuspidate, subcaudate, entire.- Anthurium andraeanum; Araceae (arum family) Anthurium - - 800 odd species, Introduced to Sri Lanka, by horticulturalists, as it is an important component of the cut-flower industry. ERach plant yields 4-6 flowers per year. It is a "Habarala"-like plant with glossy leaves. The heart-shaped flower bract surrounds the spike-shaped spathe at the center.   Images and short write up
Antidesma montanum,Antidesma pubescens
IUCN redlisted Karawala-kabella, Kaeballa
is Antidesma thwaitesianum - peyicci
is Antidesma menasu Bot. specimen Aponogeton crispus, Aponogeton natans Kekatiya
Aponogeton jacobsenii, A. rigidifolius are also known as "Kekatiya", and regarded as threatened species (IUCN red list).
ke-kaetti, and kotti are also used, esp. in Tamil speaking areas. - - Kotti
Bot. specimen Archidendron bigeminum,
Abarema abeywickramae Kosterm is a synonym. Kalatiya - - - Asclepias eriocarpa, (Monarch milkweed)
Varaa, Wara
is a sinhala generic name for varieties of Asclepias , and also sometimes for Calotropis varaieties - - - Asclepias eriocarpa also an ornamental plant, or grown in gardens to attract Monarch butterflies Aponogeton crispus, Aponogeton natans Kekatiya
Aponogeton jacobsenii, A. rigidifolius are also known as "Kekatiya", and regarded as threatened species (IUCN red list).
ke-kaetti, and kotti are also used, esp. in Tamil speaking areas. - - Kotti
This word may be derived from the Prakrit form Kaeti , where "kaeti" means cluster in sinhala. A submerged, fresh-water herb with a tuberous, subspherical, stoloniferous rootstock, leaves long-petioled. - makes one white flower. Kekatiya images etc
See also closely related (or equivalent) aquatic plant: Aponogeton monostachyum
See name resolutions at The plant List -Aporosa lindleyana Kebella, Kaebaella,Kaebella, Kabella - Kodali, Vettikan, Vettil, Vittil, Vitti Place names Keballa, Kebellakumbura Kebedduwa Kebellaketiya Kebiliyapola, Kebellewela Kebellagoda Kebellagodawela Kebellawita Kebella-agare Kebellawita Kebellawitagama Kebellegama Kodalikallu (Kaebellagala) Kodalikkallu Kodaliparichchan (Kaebella-pirihena, කැබෙල්ලපිරිහේන) Kodarikulama, etc

Scepa lindleyana Wt. is synonymous. Large tree with smooth bark, with simple, alternate leaves., Flowers unisexual, dioecious; male flowers in axillary catkins; female flowers in condensed cymes. Root and bark extracts, crushed leaves etc., are used as anti-infectious medications, analgesics in alternative medicine. Antioxidant activity in root extract has been reported.
It is used as a prop. in betel (Piper betel L.) plantations. Aquilaria agallocha Roxb. (Agar wood) Aegila (?) Kalani-niryaasa (Sanskrit name of the resin)- - Used in perfume products as the wood resin is valued- Aranthera Bartha Braga (Scorpion orchid) Gonusu mal - - Common orchid in SL. See orchids Arbus pecatorius Gajaparaka, Gajaparaaka, Olinda - - Plant bearing red seeds, with a black mark, very similar to Olinda Arachis hypogaea (Pea nut) Ratakaju - verkkatalai, nilakkatalai This is a plant introduced to Sti lanka.
The modern peanut and its ancestry- Scientific American Arachis duranensis (wild peanut) wal ratakaju, val ratakaju ? - kattukkatalai - --> Ardisia humilis - Balu Dan - - - - Areca catechu Puwak, Puvak puga, kramuka kamugu, pakku - Areca concinna (Thw.) - Len taeri, Len-teri - - - Species native to Sri Lanka, related to the famous Betel Nut palm, and threatened by habitat loss. (IUCN red list) The best-known member of the genus is A. catechu, (the arecanut palm). Several types of Areca nuts, known for their stimulating and tangy taste, are used for chewing, especially in combination with the leaves of Betels.
Argyreia nervosa, Argyreia populifolia (Elephant creeper,Woolly Morning Glory. )
Family: Convolvulaceae Girithilla samudraphalaka, vriddadaru, Vidhara, murva,- kakkatan, katar-palai, samuttira-p-pala Images and write up Its use in traditional medicine in Sri lanka is reported in "Lanka Chronicle" as: "Various parts of the plant, including the latex, are used externally on the gums and wounds. The root of this pounded and boiled in coconut milk applied with excellent results to inflammation or swelling after dog bite. It is used also in cases of mad dog bites in order to prevent hydrophobia." The plant is specific and native to Sri Lanka.
It is classified as a schedule III depressant by the DEA (US drug enforcement administration), although the substance has hallucinogenic/psychedelic properties. and the sale of seeds is banned or controlled. Arisaema leschenaultii - Wal Kidaeam Val Kidaeam, Val Kidaram-
Arisaema constrictum (Barnes) is said to be "Ati-udayang" - - Monoecious or dioecious, luberous herb, tuber globose, about 5 cm diameter roots from the upper side of the tuber stem about 15 cm long, clothed with long mottled sheaths; leaf solitary ; petiole stout. 30-60 cm long, pale green. mottled and handed with red.- Aristolochia bracteata sapunda species? - atutintappalai Aristocholia plants are carcinogenic. Aristolochia bracteata Sapunda species? - pankampalai Aristocholia plants are carcinogenic. Aristolochia indica (Indian Birthwort) Sapunda, Sapsunda, Sapasanda Ishwari, Ahigandha - perumaruntu, Perularundu It is a creeper plant found in Sri lanka and South India, and grows on host trees.. Used in herbal medicine, e.g., to Attenuate fever,and as an emmenogouge, although it is believed to have carcinogenicity, contains aristolochic acid which is highly nephrotoxic. Is sapunda dangerous? It has been claimed that Stephania tetranda should be used in herbal preparations instead of Aristolchia fanghi or A. Indica. Artabotrys hexapetalus Yakada-wel, Yakada Vael - manoranjitham, tiga-sampangi Threatened species. Artanema longifolium - Gas Kothala, Gas Kotala, Gas Kethala - Kolivalan, Vathom-varetti, Vayalchulli (Malayalam names) Leaves are edible, some medicinal uses.
See Kerala plants Artemisia indica (Mugwort), Artemisia dracunculus, Oligosporus dracunculus (Tarragon) Terragaon is not known. But varieties of Mugwort ("Nagadamana") may be known to ayurvedic practitioners.
However, see Pictures and discussion Nagadamani,
capable of "dominating a naaga", i.e., serpents. Machipatchai, Palau Tarragon is not found in topical habitats. This is a herb widly used in French and Mediterranean cooking. Mugwort ("mudWurtz") is used in Chinese medicine; it kills insects, larve and worms. Mugwort is also used in Ayurveda. Mugwort pollen causes hayfever and allergies. Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) Image Naagadamana, Naga Damana (?)
The name "naaga damana" may indicate that the juice of this plant, when thrown at a snake, makes the snake slow and weak (we have no confirmation or rebuttal of this). - Makkippu Sometimes as a weed, it is a highly aromatic ornamental shrub. It is a much branched, glabrous, sweetly aromatic annual plant which may grows to a height of about 2 meters.The leaves are bi- or tri- pinnatified, linear to lanceolate. The flowers are yellow, appear in loose pinnacles.
  Images and write up Used in traditional Indo-Asian medicine in infusions etc., and believed to reduce fever, and even act as an anti-malarial medication (esp. against Plasmodium falciparum malaria). It is well known in Chinese traditional medicine as Qinghaosu
The plant contains an essential oil Artemisinin (a sesqiterpenelactone), and flavanoids. Artemisia moderaspatana, Grangea maderaspatana, Perdicium tomentosum (Madras carpet) Mastharu, Masipathri- - Regarded as a weed,   Images and write up Used in traditional Indo-Asian medicine as a stomach ant-spasmodic, in infusions etc. Artocarpus Altilis Dell, Del - palavu, Palaa, pila There are many species of breadfruit. They are hybrids of Artocarpus Altilis and Artocarpus mariannensis. Artocarpus Nobilis is said to be "Lapus" in sinhala. Artocarpus mariannensis Wal Dell ? - palavu, Palaa, pila ? There are many species of breadfruit. They are hybrids of Artocarpus Altilis and Artocarpus mariannensis.
read about varieties of bread fruit See also Jack fruit Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jack fruit) Herali, Kos, Vaela, (Waraka see Artocarpus Indica)

We have no information on the origin of the sinhala word "Kos" (note, Assamese and Bengali: name: Kothal, Kathal, Thai: Kahnoon ), it may have originated from Kothal →. Koth → Kos .
Another possibility is a relationship to the words "koholla" (latex-like extrusion), or "kossa", giving rise to "Kos".
The name "Herali" is even more intriguing. If some reader has any information on thier "nishpanna" (origins), or early literary references to "Kos", "Herali",etc., please write to us at Panasam (sanskrit)

The Mayalam work Chakka is believed to be the origin of the English name.  Image and write up It is claimed that "Vaeli kos aeta", (seeds) are good for diabetes - anecdotal sources only. The dried jack-fruit leaves are used in a tea-like brew, and said to have medicinal properties alleviating allergies and asthma.
Just as with beens and other seeds, cooked eating jack is very nourishing but may produce intestinal gas. pila, pala, Palavu (Tamil) Polos-ambul, Kalupol maelluma are preparations using unripe Jack when used as a vegetable. Atu kos , i.e., jack dried on the hearth ("Atuva") is shredded, smoked jack fruit which may be used in curry, or made into deserts with sugar syrup. The timber is highly valued. "Vaela", "Waraka" are varieties of Jak, but "vaela" is often use for the ripe, sweet stage of Kos. "Herali" is mostly used for the unripe stage of the fruit. Artocarpus Indica
Note that Artos (greek) means "bread", and "carous" means "fruit". Varaka muraja-phala muracapalam, Varukkai See also Artocarpus heterophyllus given earlier in this list. Artocarpus lakoocha (Monkey Jack tree) Lakucha, kahagonna (?), - irappala, tinippalavu This is more like a species of "Del" (breadfruit tree) as far as the fruit goes. Arundina graminifolia Udawediya Mal, Udavaediya Mal - - - Asparagus gonoclados Hathavariya, Hathaavaariya, Hathawariya, Hathawaariya, Saathamul Shatavari thanneervittan kizhangu, Sirumal see below, Asparagus racemosus Asparagus officinalis Asparagus Hathavariya, aesparagas, aspara-goba
This is the common vegetable, available in the spring. A good account is found in the Wikipedia . This is not native to Sri Lanka. Shatavari, Shooksmapatra catavari, thanneervittan kizhangu, Sirumal The young shoot is eaten lightly steamed or gently cooked, and contains antioxidants, potassium, folates, and vitamins, fiber etc. The medicinal qualities attributed to wild asparagus (see below) have been claimed for culinary asparagus as well. The juice of the root is used in Ayurvedic medicine (Narayana Taila, satamulyadi lauha, satavari Ghrita in India). Asparagus racemosus (wild asparagus, sparrow grass) Haathavariya, Hathaavaariya, Hathawariya, Hathawaariya, Saathamul, Hathamul satavari, shatavari, shathamulya catavari, kilavari, Sandavari. Other names ( liliaceae family) are: Asparagus Sarmentosus, Asparagus Gonoclados, Asparagus Adscendens
Used in traditional medicine, esp. for unrinary problems, menopausal symptoms and increases of lactation, and other "feminine problems". Claims have been made that asparagus helps to reduce the risk of cancer and even AIDS. It is also claimed to reduce the tendency for gout, kidney stones etc.   Image and write up As usual, no adequate double-blind experiments are available in most cases and hence these claims remain unsubstantiated. However, asparagus is a common food and hence it can be used very safely. Aspidium viviparum Ganga-meevana, Gangameevana - - Place name Meevanna also exists.
A species of shield fern. Asteracantha longifolia, (Hydrophila auriculata, Hygrophilia spinosa) Ikiriya, Katu-Ikiriya, Neeramulliya, kokila kokilaksa nirmulli Diuretic, native remedy for kidney stones, HerbalTeas
A perennial herb with an ascending rhizome ; stems numerous, 60-120 cm tall, erect, nearly unbranched, somewhat compressed, thickened at nodes and hispid with long hair between nodes leaves simple. sessile. whorled.- Asystasia coromandeliana, Asystasia gangetica
(Creeping foxglove, Chinese violet, Asystasia) nil-puruk (?)
However, see also under Ruellia - medday keerai, peyppatchotti Several related species: A. variabilis (Nees). A. chelonoides Nees Woody perrenial.
Images Atalantia monophylla Wal Dehi, Val dehi- - kurundu There is also a variety known as "Gadaa dehi", with a rough skin, known as Kaffre lime. Atalantia ceylanica A. zeylanica - Yakinaran, yak-naaran - Atalantia rotundifolia (Thw.) Tanaka is also listed as Yakinaran- Citrus collection - Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade) visa-batuvael ? - - This well-known source of atropine alkaloids does NOT seem to have an accepted Sinhala (Visa batu vael ?- a name touted by a planter but we have found no basis.) or Tamil name. Perhaps only habitats in the up-country dry zone would support this plant which does not seem to be natively known in Sri Lanka.
Its poison was used since antiquity as a death portion, or for inducing hallucinations. The plant (small berries on a wine, with flowers very similar to the flower of egg plant) is in the aubergine, tomato and potato family
In India it is found mainly in regions like Kashmir. It is known under various names in Northern India : bantamaku, sag-angur, yebrui, girbuti.
It is a strong narcotic, sedative, diuretic, hallucinogen. Austroeupatorium Inulifolium, Eupatorium inulifolium Kunth
Daisy family
Siam weed, crofton weed. Image of Eupatorium inulifolium Eupatorum Odoratum from Waellavaya, Ella Sudda, සුද්ද Valsudda
Not to be confused with vathusudda, Wathusudda or Watusudda (Ervatamia divaricata). - - Family: Asteraceae.
Austroeupatorium inulifolium is an aggressive species that rapidly colonizes areas cleared for planting new crops, agricultural fields, fallow fields, waste lands and roadsides. This was introduced it to Sumatran rubber plants. It has been introduced to Sri lanka in the 1930s. Write up and Image, Lalith Gunasekera
Antifunfals have been isolated from E. riparium by Bandara et al. Averrhoa Bilimbi Bilin - - Origin in the Malayan region, perhaps endemic to Sri lanka as well- Tree has small fruit used in chutneys and "Biling Achchcaru" etc. Images, write up Avicennia marina, A. officinalis (Mangrove) Manda - Kanna - Azadirachta indica (Margosa) Family: Meliaceae (mahogany family) Kohomba

It is medicinally and ritualistically important in Sri Lankan culture. "Kohomba Kankaariya" is a well-known low-country exorcist ritual dance. The Kohomba Kankariya begins with an invocation to the deity of the Kohomba tree, and NOT to the Buddhist 'Tun Sarana' as in most other Sri Lankan exorcism dances.
Sinhalese homes make "Milk rice", to be eaten with jaggary, during the Sinhala new year (Bak masa ulela). The "Kohomba" leaves are crushed and applied on the body at an "auspicious" time, but not eaten. Pakvakrita, nimbaka, nimba-

Images and write up from "Flowers of India vempu, vembu, veppa

"Pachchadi" is a "sambol" (savoury spicy mixture) made of the flowers of Margosa, the sour mango, and sweet jaggery. Sweet rice (made with new red rice, jaggery, cashew nuts ghee, and plums) was eaten together with this sambol during Sinhala-Tamil new year (Hindu homes). Some place-names with Kohomba-
Aratikohombe (Aladiwembu) Maha-Vaedi-Kohombe (Mavidivembu) Kohombagamathota (Kombanachchi) Kohombaweva (Veppankulam) Kohombavaella (Veppanveli)

Read "About Kohomba" .
Neem extract is an eco-friendly insecticide and pesticide. It is manufactured in India and other S. Asian countries. As far as we are aware, in Sri Lanka, Kohomba extract is manufactured and distributed mainly by the Island Marketing Services (pvt) , Nawala, Sri Lanka Azolla pinnata,(Mosquito Fern, Duckweed fern, Water fern, Fairy moss) pas-penda, kaerli penda? කැරලි පෙඳ   පස් පෙඳ Pasubhojya, Plavini - Azolla filiculoides, Azolla caroliniana, Azolla anabena are related species of agricultural importance. It has been used in south asia for a long time in rice-paddy cultivation as a manure (bio-fertilizer). Its manure action is related to its N-producing nodules and symbiosis with green algae ( cyanobacterium Anabaena ), and in making compost. It is also used as a cattle feed.
Images and notes   Efforts to use azolla in Tamil Nadu
Regulation of nitrogenase activity by light in the azolla-anabaena symbiosis by S. A. Kulasooriya et al., Peradeniya Botany dept.

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Botanical Names, (English) Sinhala Sanskrit (Pali) Tamil Toponyms, Notes Baccurea mottleyana (Rambi) Gaduguda - - The plant (Rambi) probabaly originated in Java - Indonesia. The fruit is eaten raw, consumed as juice or jelly etc. The plant has been studied within a Sri Lankan context by Pushpakumara and H. M. P. Gunasena"   under-utilized fruit plants   Pictures of fruit   RE: The book " A Selection of Fruits of Sri Lanka by J. and T. Fernando 1997" Medicinal: fruit is used in dermatology. Bacopa monnieri Lunuvila, Lunuwila
small herb which grows in wet places, and used as a purge. It is claimed to accumulate toxins like Cd from the soil. Brahami pirami, piramiyam, carumam Place names: Lunuvilaweva (Panemiyankulam); Medicinal: Aperients, Diuretic. Balanocarpus brevipetiolaris (Thw.) Alston ,br> synonym Shorea brevipetiolaris Dunmala - - Threatened IUCN list.
see also Balanocarpus kitulgallensis (Kosterm} Balanophora fungosa Thippili - yanai, thippali - Baliospermum montanum Deththa - Danthi - peyamanakku Has been used in indian medicine. e.g., one prescription (clear;y toxic in view of modern knowledge) says: Naraaccha rasa.1 Take of mercury, borax and black pepper, one part each, sulphur, ginger and long pepper two parts each, seeds of Baliospermum montanum nine parts; powder the ingredients and make into two-grain pills with water. These are given in constipation and tympanites. (source Hindu-materia Medica) Ballota disticha Heen Yak-wanassa
mint-like plant - - Burman, Johannes, Thesaurus zeylanicus, t. 71 (1737)
Image Bambusa vulgaris (Bamboo) Una, උන   unabambu, උනබම්බු Vamsah, Venuh- Mulmankil Bambo is a fast-growing, prennial woody grass. It is a part of South Indian culture, with the Bamboo flute figuring early in Sanskrit works. The name "Una" appears in many Sri lankan place names like "Una-Pandura", "Unagalla, Unapaana".
It is of immense economic importance but it has been extremely under exploited in Sri Lanka. See Kariyawasam on bamboo utilization Much can be learnt from the way Bamboo is used in China, Japan and in India. It is used: (i)To prevent soil erosion on hillsides and as a wind barrier(ii)Earth-quake resistant buildings (iii)Wood for furniture, fuel, poles, scaffolding, pulp, paper, composite planks, fabric, curtains, match sticks, incense sticks etc. (iii)Bamboo shoots are used as food. (iv)As a "Dendro" bio-fuel since bambo re-grows fast.   India's National bamboo mission
The young shoots of the tree are claimed to b be useful in stomach disorders. Pickled or cooked, they serve as an appetizer. In many parts of India the leaves of the tree are used in the from of decoction to treat diarrhoea, worms etc. Bamboo sticks are used in massage therapy. See also Bata lee - Barleria L Sinhala /Tamil names everal of these woody perrenials, shrubs,have not been identified. They are often known as "katu-kurundu". - - Some Barleria species: B. involucrata Nees, B. lanceata (Forssk).{= B. noctzpora L.}, B. nitida Nees, tB. nutans Nees, see below for others. Barleria buxifolia (Box-leaved Barleria) katu-nelu, katu nelu Iksura kattimullu This plant (Acanthaceae) is mentioned in B. Clough's dictionary
Box-Leaved Barleria is a shrub 5-6 ft tall, with strong spines under the leaves. Leaves are nearly stalkless, with hairs on both sides scattered, white, short. Spines below the leaves are 6-6 mm long, simple and straight. Flowers arise mostly solitary, purple blue. Bracts are 6-8 mm long, reduced to simple spines. Flower-tube is 1.8-2.5 cm long, slightly widened upwards.
Images and notes Barleria cristata
(Philippine violet , Bluebell barleria or Crested Philippine violet) Godame~riya - nilamparam, udamulli Shrub. different parts of Barleria Cristata have been used traditionally for the treatment of variety of diseases including anaemia, toothache, cough and as a hypoglycemic agent. Roots and leaves were used to reduce swellings in inflammation. Images and details of the plant Today it is'used in landscaping because of its attractive blue to white flowers, although it has the risk of becoming a weed. It grows best at heights of 1000 meters. Barleria lupulina - Ranvan Katukarandu - - - - Barleria prionitis -(Porcupine flower, Barleria ) Katu Kurandu, Katukarandu - Vajradanthi Kundan, cemmulli, Varamulli - A small shrub, ~0.6-1 m tall, much branched, branches cylindrical, swollen above nodes labrous with sle er, very sharp spines in leaf axils, each with 3-ivaricate branches leaves simple.
It is claimed to have medicinal properties similar to "Aaadathoda". Images and write up The flower may be deep yellow to very pale yellow or whitish. Barleria mysorensis Roth katu-nelu- - ikkiri, kikkiri, kirimulla Small dry-zone shrub Barringtonia acutangula - Ela Midella, Diya Midella - - - - Barringtonia asiatica Midella - - - Basella alba (Ceylon spinach, Malabar nightshade), c.f., Brassica alba Nivithi, Niwithi, Gam nivithi upodika venpacali, sivappu vasalakkirai, pasali Niwiitigala of the Sabaragamuwa province is a place name with "Nivithi".
A slender climbing perennial, with succulent stems and leaves, which may be used as a potherb or spinach, for which they are a good substitute. It is often cultivated in the low-country. Propagated by seed sown during the rains, preferably in rows, sticks being provided for support to the vines.- Bassia latifolia, B. longifolia, Madhuca loggifolia
(Honey tree) Mee, Madupa Madhupa iluppai, kattu iluppai Ranmeeweva (Irana-illupaikulam), Madhupahena (Illupayadichenai) Meepathota (Illupaikadavi)
see Madhuca longifolia Bassia Nerifolia is "Gang-mee". Bauhinia racemosa Maila anupushpaka- svetakanchana atti, vellai mantarai Mahilaweva (Mahilankulam) Mahiyapitiya (Mahiyapitti) Mahilataenna (Mylanthanai) Maligaspitiya (Mayilagasthidar) Vakulavaedda (Makilavettuvan) Maligaspe (Mailakaspai)
A small tree with a thick, knotted trunk, much branched, bark blackish, very rough and much furrowed; leaves simple, alternate, small, conduplicate, 3.1-3.7 cm long, broader than long, truncate at base, cut 1/3 down into two broadly oval, rounded lobes. Bauhinia tomentosa (Yellow orchid tree) Petan, Kaha Penath, Kaha-Petan
also used for Bauhinia acuminata asmantaka- kattatti,tiruvatti Images and write up Bauhinia variegata (mountain ebony, Orchid tree) Koboleela Raktha Kanchana segappumandrai, tiruvatti Used for reforstation, wood board, production of gums and fibers, and also in alternative medicine where a decoction of the bark etc. is used.. Review Benincasa hispida Alu Puhul Rasaksa ? Poosani, Pusalikkai, Vaidyakumbalam Puhulvaella (Pullawali) Pulmoddai (Puhulmotte) Puhuleliya (Puloli) Begonia cordifolia Gal Ebala - - - Begonia malabarica Maha Hakabala (Mal) - - - Begonia suave-oleans Kumburu wel, Kumburu Vael - - creeper with a trumpet-like flower Begonia tenera (Dry) Bim-hakambala - - Threatened creeper, IUCN red list Berberis ceylanica Schnei. (barberry) Suvana, Daruharida Daruharidhra
The fruit, leaves and other parts of the plant contain Berbarine , an alkaloid with therapeutic uses. For example, it is claimed to help increase insulin sensitivity, and suppress obesity. It is also believed to be useful for treating jaundice. keezhaa nelli (?) Image and write up on Berberis vulgaris Shrub up to 3 m tall, yellow flowered. Found in up-country Sri Lanka. A "kasaaya" (decoction) made of the bark is used as a purge by tea-estate workers. The fruits may be eaten. The bark is a valuable source of Tannin in India. Berrya cordifolia Halmilla
Timber tree - Chamndalai, Chavandalai, Kambamaram Toponyms Halmillavatta (Camulaiyativattai) Biophytum sensitivum
Images and write up
wood-sorrel family, sensitive plant. Gas nidikumba Jhullipuspa, Lajjaluka, Panktipatra, Pitapushpa, Vipareetalajjaalu tintanali, nilzccurunki One of the ten flowers (`dasha-pushpam') of aurveda and sidha medical systems of south-asia Bignonia salina - - Mentioned by Charles Pridham Birixa orilana Ratakaha karachhada- varagumanjal, mantiravanci Medicinal applications. Blepharis repens - Samadana - - - A slender, perennial herb with prostrate, hispid-hairy, slightly branched, wiry stems; lea sessile, in a whorl, two of each whorl larger than others, oblong, 0.8-1.5 cm long, 0.3 cm broad, obtuse or rounded at apex, glabrous or slightly scabrid, fleshy and pale.- Blumea balsamifera (Ngai Camphor)
Family: Asteraceae (sunflower family) - kapuru -? Kukundara; Kukkura-dru- - The plant is a strongly aromatic (camphor-like) herb that grows tall and erect. Its height ranges from 1.5 to 3 meters, with stems that grow for up to 2.5 centimeters. It is an anti-urolithiasis and work as a diuretic. It is used in alternative medicine for kidney disorders.- Blumea mills
Family: Asteraceae Kukura, kapuru - Blumea pictures - - A camphor source. An annual herb (aromatic) with an erect stem ~30 cm high, branched above.- Blumea lacera (Kakaronda)

(jas salleh)

Khamis, 30 Jun 2011


KALI WAK DEN NAK KOBAKAN KEK SAMUO .. aiseh, maaf, kali ini JS akan memaklumkan kepada semua pembaca setia blog JS mengenai 3 Berita Terkini, kalau 1 cuma Terkini, kalau 2 Terkini-kini, kalau 3 , Lu fikirlah sendiri !
Pagi tadi terlepas pandang, PAPA GOMO sudah mohon maaf dengan cara berhemah kepada JOHARI ABDUL kerena terlalu awal menamatkan kerjaya JA sebagai pengacara TV yang kurang berbakat (pitching banyak lari) tetapi dengan mengenakan 5 syarat seperti DO Re Mi kenakan kepada Tuan Tanah Kedaung mereka. Hendak tahu lebih lanjut sila ler ke blog PAPA GOMO dan baca sendiri 3 entri utama mengenai isu JOHARI ABDUL. 
Sebagai menunjukkan keikhlasan tinggi PAPA GOMO telah menawarkan sebuah jawatan kosong pengacara TV dengan menyiarkan IKLAN JAWATAN KOSONG kepada JOHARI ABDUL. dengarkata, JOHARI ABDUL masih bermurung di dalam biliknya dan enggan makan malam tapi bersedia menerima permohonan maaf PAPA GOMO dengan kata-kata , ' I FOLOWWW ...'
Kurang lebih yang tidak terlebih, AMK dan PEMUDA bertembung sekali lagi di hadapan ibupejabat PKR di Damansara yang hendak kena lelong itu dan parti yang hendak kena gulung tikar pada Julai 9, 2011 oleh Pendaftar Pertubuhan. Apa sebabnya?

Sebabnya ialah kerana cabaran AMK yang mengajak PEMUDA minum kopi o dan teh tarik petang bersama setelah malam kelmarin mereka tidak menghidangkan sebarang minuman dan biskut kering buat jamuan PEMUDA yang datang berziarah.
Namun sekali lagi katerer AMK gagal datang atas alasan pembayaran terdahulu masih tertunggak 10 bulan. Bagi menutup rasa kemaluan yang teramat sangat, AMK terpaksa menjerit ' MAMAK BALIK !' sebenarnya ditujukan kepada katerer restoran 24 jam mamak yang berdekatan. 

Disebabkan oleh salahfaham, Rezal Merican terasa hati dengan laungan tersebut yang mana sememangnya laungan itu bersifat provokasi penghinaan kerana kurang didikan agama Islam. Rezal Merican, Ungku Salleh . Lokman Adam dan Rizalman Mokhtar terpaksa membuat lapuran polis kerana mahu menjernihkan suasana disebabkan oleh tuduhan melulu Saifuddin Nasution mengatakan tempohari PEMUDA hendak membakar bangunan ibupejabat PKR sedangkan PEMUDA hanya berhasrat datang membuat kunjungan silaturrahim bagi memujuk AMK agar keluar PKR beramai-ramai dan  masuk UMNO. 
Terpaksalah FRU dan polis meleraikan salahfaham tersebut. Dilapurkan tiada kecederaan tubuh badan dan tiada kematian dilapurkan melainkan hati dan perasaan kedua-dua pihak terluka dan berdarah mungkin tidak akan terubat sehinggalah ke PRU 13 akan datang. Apapun, PEMUDA kelihatan semakin mengikis persepsi salah mengenai mereka. TAHNIAH PEMUDA ANDA SEMUA BERANI !

ADUN Simpang Pulai dan AHLI PARLIMEN GOPENG di tangkap bapak polisi Malaysia kerana didapati merayau-rayau seperti kutu rayau tanpa tujuan sambil mengedar serta menghasut para pengunjung PASAR GUNUNG RAPAT pagi tadi kurang lebih tiada 9.30 pagi.

Ini gambarnya bukan superimposed tau.
Selain BOON CHYE, ADUN Simpang Pulai CHAN MING KAI turut di tahan kerana mengajak orang awam sertai mereka ke perhimpunan haramjadah BEERSHIT pada Julai 9. 2011. Mereka berdua juga dikatakan sedang mencari kenderaan yang boleh tumpangi nanti, agaknyalah. TAHNIAH POLIS !


DATUK SERI RAIS YATIM dalam suatu temuramah menyatakan dengan tegas bahawa BERSIH adalah merupakan kepentingan sekelompok minoriti yang tidak boleh mengatasi kepentingan majoriti yang telah memilih BARISAN NASIONAL sebagai kerajaan Pusat. Dengar sendiri apa DATUK SERI RAIS YATIM KATAKAN di dalam klip video ini. 

Majoriti rakyat yang telah memilih BARISAN NASIONAL sebagai kerajaan Pusat dan negeri adalah di seru bangkit menentang secara vokal agenda Jahat BERSIH .  Adalah amat baik sekali jika 4.08 juta pemilih berdaftar yang telah  memilih BARISAN NASIONAL menyaman penganjur BERSIH dan semua ahli-ahli gabungannya termasuk menyaman semua ahli politik DAP PKR PAS PSM yang menjadi dalang kepada BERSIH. Anda mampu lakukannya.
TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN. at 6:05 PTG Reactions:   Links to this post E-melkan Ini BlogThis! Kongsi ke Twitter Kongsi ke Facebook Kongsi ke Pinterest Labels: Isu Nasional


Akibat tidak berpuashati dengan tindakan kejam PAPA GOMO menamatkan kerjaya pilihannya,  JOHARI ABDUL dikatakan sedang mengalami kemurungan melampau dan merajuk dengan Papa Gomo. Baru-baru ini, selepas Papa Gomo dan  gerombolan 40 Pemusnah Dakyah dapkrpas (termasuklah aku ) menerbitkan video JOHARI ABDUL ketawa berdekah-dekah dan ditunjukkan jam Omega Aljuburi oleh Datuk Eskay, JOHARI ABDUL mencabar PAPA GOMO menerbitkan lagi keseluruhan video berkaitan dengannya.

Kita semua berharap agar PAPA GOMO dan JOHARI ABDUL boleh berbaik semula demi kepentingan INDUSTRI HIBURAN NEGARA. PAPA GOMO tidak dapat dihubungi untuk mendapatkan komen balas beliau terhadap cabaran JOHARI ABDUL. Menurut maklumat, PAPA GOMO sedang sibuk mengedit kasi audio lebih jelas video JOHARI ABDUL yang memusnahkan impian JOHARI ABDUL untuk menjadi seorang pengacara tv popular negara dan menjadi ahli politik pertama memenangi kategori PENGARACA TV POPULAR dalam ABPBH 2011.
SIAPA SURUH JOHARI ABDUL GATAL TANGAN BUAT VIDEO ANALISIS , KAN DAH KENA KRITIKAN HEBAT. KONGRAT2 PAPA GOMO ! TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN. at 9:59 PG Reactions:   Links to this post E-melkan Ini BlogThis! Kongsi ke Twitter Kongsi ke Facebook Kongsi ke Pinterest Labels: Isu Nasional

Rabu, 29 Jun 2011


Jangan mencabar PEMUDA UMNO, dan PAPA GOMO. Mereka adalah lelaki berhemah tapi bukan spesis sotong seperti ahli-ahli AMK. Siapa suruh hantar sms ugut bunuh kepada PEMUDA dan PAPA GOMO? Ingat mereka takde keberanian untuk bertindak kejam dan tegas mempertahankan diri ? 

Apa yang mereka lakukan dengan mengepung bangunan ibupejabat PKR adalah tindakbalas kepada provokasi melampau dan intimidasi jenayah yang dilakukan oleh AMK selama ini kepada mereka. Kesabaran mereka sentiasa di cabar oleh AMK dengan ugutan berterusan di dalam facebook, twitter dan blog. Akibatnya, rasakanlah amukan mereka !

Tidak ada sekur anak iblis laknatullah AMK yang sanggup berdepan dengan PEMUDA sewaktu mereka mengepung bangunan ibupejabat PKR. Rupa-rupanya, AMK ini sama seperti Anwar Aljuburi, cakap saja degar-degar bila di sahut cabaran, AMK akan lari bersembunyi. Bagi menutup kemaluan mereka, AMK menuduh ada cubaan membakar bangunan ibupejabat PKR oleh PEMUDA. Sifat pengecut dan cabul AMK amat jelas kelihatan di mana-mana. Jika mereka turun ke perhimpunan haramjadah Beershit pun, mereka pasti memakai baju kurung perempuan dan bertudung atau berskrit pendek bergincu bibir. 

Selepas ini semua pergerakan AMK akan diperhatikan dan dikatakan bahawa bekalan pampers untuk orang dewasa telah kehabisan stok di beli oleh AMK.
JANGAN CABAR-CABAR. TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN. at 11:16 PG Reactions:   Links to this post E-melkan Ini BlogThis! Kongsi ke Twitter Kongsi ke Facebook Kongsi ke Pinterest Labels: Isu Nasional


Tertarik dengan artikel blog politik Jerantut WZWH juga seorang sahabat baik JS, artikel penuh di sini kerajaan-dan-rakyat-malaysia-perlu.ambiga, JS menyentuh serba sedikit mengenai hak menyaman yang di sebut KAUSA TINDAKAN, cara-cara menyaman serta tuntutan-tuntutan di dalam saman.
Hak anda untuk menyaman Ambabigagal dan Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil termaktub di dalam Kebebasan Asasi Bahagian II Perlembagaan Malaysia dan Akta Sivil.
Anda boleh menyaman di atas kapasiti berkumpulan mewakili kepentingan kelompok yang terjejas akibat Beershit dan di atas kapasiti anda sebagai seorang pengundi berdaftar yang diprejudiskan hak anda untuk mengundi bagi memilih kerajaan melalui sistem pilihanraya.
Alasan-alasan bagi KAUSA TINDAKAN yang anda boleh kemukakan ialah penganjuran BEERSHIT telah menyebabkan dan akan menyebabkan keselamatan nyawa, hartabenda dan pergerakan anda terancam yang boleh mengakibatkan anda mengalami kerugian, ketakutan dan kacauganggu kepada penghidupan anda. Termasuk menafikan dan memprejudiskan hak anda sebagai pembayar cukai. Seterusnya menafikan, memprejudiskan dan menjejaskan hak anda sebagai pengundi berdaftar.
Anda boleh menuntut kepada mahkamah perintah-perintah khusus, am dan tambahan seperti berikut :-
1. Tuntutan gantirugi am dan khas ke atas kerugian ekonomi dan kacauganggu penghidupan. 2. Memohon perintah injuksi terhadap penganjur BEERSHIT. 3. Memohon perintah khusus Mandamus meminta mahkamah mengarahkan pihak Polis, KDN dan Pendaftar Persatuan membatalkan pendaftaran semua NGO-ngo, parti politik dan persatuan yang menjadi ahli Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil. 4. Memohon perintah khusus mahkamah mengarahkan penganjuran Beershit dibatalkan di seluruh negara dan di luar negara atas kepentingan keselamatan Persekutuan, mana-mana bahagiannya termasuk kawasan kedutaan dan keselamatan awam. 5. Memohon apa-apa perintah mahkamah yang difikirkan suai manafaat dan munasabah sebagai tambahan.
Anda boleh menamakan Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil sebagai defendan pertama, AJK penganjur Beershit sebagai defendan kedua, ketiga dan seterusnya dan ahli gabungannya sebagai defendan-defendan seterusnya.
Anda boleh memfailkan saman di Mahkamah Tinggi di mana anda bermastautin samada di atas nama anda sendiri atau di atas nama perkumpulan anda.
Saman hendaklah difailkan serentak di seluruh negara bagi membolehkan mahkamah Tinggi Malaya dan Borneo menetapkan dan menyatukan semua saman-saman bagi pendengaran di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur atas alasan ianya merupakan saman-saman berkumpulan di atas isu-isu yang dipertikaikan dan tuntutan-tuntutan yang sama. 
Bagi mempercepatkan proses pendengaran, anda wajib memfailkan SIJIL PERAKUAN SEGERA di atas alasan bahawa ianya perlu di dengar segera atas kepentingan keselamatan awam.
Diharapkan PERKASA, UMNO, BARISAN NASIONAL, PARTI-PARTI KOMPONEN BARISAN NASIONAL, PATRIOT, orang perseorangan, korporat dan persatuan-persatuan peniaga, teksi dan mana-mana orang perseorangan, pertubuhan berdaftar, ngo-ngo dan persatuan berdaftar yang anti BERSIH 2.0 akan mengambil tindakan cepat menyaman PENGANJUR BERSIH.
Kos dan perbelanjaan bagi memfailkan saman dan Sijil Perakuan Segera di mana-mana Mahkamah Tinggi ialah hanya sekitar RM 500 sahaja. 
Kos khidmat peguam boleh di rundingcara dengan peguam yang terbabit. Ataupun anda boleh meminta khidmat bantuan guaman daripada BIRO BANTUAN GUAMAN yang disediakan oleh pihak kerajaan Malaysia di semua negeri. 
JS berharap agar maklumat ini boleh dijadikan suatu tindakan yang dizahirkan kepada tindakan yang proaktif bagi menunjukkan kepada seluruh dunia bahawa MAJORITI RAKYAT MALAYSIA TIDAK MENYOKONG BEERSHIT DAN BEERSHIT ADALAH TINDAKAN BAHLOL SEKELOMPOK KECIL YANG MAHU MEMBUAT HURU HARA.

NAK TUNGGU APALAGI? SAMAN JE TERUS, BOLEH GUNAKAN KHIDMAT YB ZULKIFLI NORDIN DAN PEGUAM-PEGUAM YANG ANTI BEERSHIT. ANDA SEMUA MAMPU LAKUKAN! TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN. at 10:00 PG Reactions:   Links to this post E-melkan Ini BlogThis! Kongsi ke Twitter Kongsi ke Facebook Kongsi ke Pinterest Labels: Isu Nasional


Saya tertarik dengan artikel yang dikeluarkan oleh M.I.M yang merujuk kepada artikel Dr. Chandra Muzaffar mengenai konteks BERSIH. Artikel penuh sila ke link ini DR CHANDRA MUZAFFAR. Dr Chandra membicarakan mengenai KONTEKS BERSIH dari sudut :-
1. Isu-isu yang dibawakan oleh BERSIH. 2. Soal Keselamatan. 3. Impak / Natijah. 4. Motif-motif.
Dr Chandra mengaitkan KONTEKS BERSIH dari sudut perundangan KEBEBASAN ASASI yang termaktub di dalam BAHAGIAN II Perlembagaan Malaysia khusus dari sudut pandang dan natijah FASAL 2 PERKARA 10 - Kebebasan Asasi bersuara, berhimpun dan berpersatuan.

PERKARA 10  Kebebasan bercakap, berhimpun dan berpersatuan. (Lihat Fasal 1, Perenggan b )

Dalam konteks Perkara 10, Fasal 1 perenggan (b) , Dr Chandra bersetuju bahawa setiap warganegara berhak berhimpun secara aman tanpa senjata. Namun kebebasan asasi hak ini hanya terpakai kepada  warganegara Malaysia bermakna pemegang Kad Pengenalan Biru dan bukan merah. 
Perkara 10 Fasal 1 Perenggan b
'Semua warganegara berhak untuk berhimpun secara aman tanpa senjata.'

Konteks kebebasan asasi hak berhimpun di bawah perenggan (b), Fasal 1 , Perkara 10 adalah tertakluk kepada sekatan yang termaktub di dalam perenggan (b) Fasal 2 Perkara 10 atas sebab kepentingan   keselamatan Persekutuan atau ketenteraman awam.

PERKARA 10 FASAL 2 PERENGGAN b 'Batasan Hak berhimpun secara aman tanpa senjata demi Kepentingan keselamatan Persekutuan atau mana-aman bahagiannya atau ketenteraman awam '

Konteks BERSIH dalam kebebasan asasi hak berhimpun secara aman tanpa senjata adalah tertakluk kepada perkara-perkara berikut:-
  1. Mempunyai permit yang sah mengikut sekatan yang dikenakan
  2. Penaja, Pemberi dana dan Peserta adalah warganegara Malaysia yang cukup umur.
  3. Ianya adalah aman tanpa senjata.
  4. Ianya tidak mengancam kepentingan keselamatan negara dan awam.

Oleh itu tujuan permit adalah sebagai pengukur dan penilaian samada mana-mana perhimpunan yang ingin diadakan oleh warganegara Malaysia adalah bersifat aman tanpa senjata dan tidak mengancam kepentingan keselamatan negara dan awam. 
Adalah mustahil untuk kita mempercayai secara lisan yang diberikan oleh penganjur BERSIH BAHAWA IANYA AMAN TANPA SENJATA. 
Perbandingan yang paling dekat ialah BERSIH 1 pada November 10, 2007 demonstrasi HINDRAF November 25, 2007 dan demontrasi Reformasi sepanjang 1998 sehingga pertengahan 2000, terdapat unsur-unsur keganasan yang berlaku di mana anggota polis tercedera serta adanya bukti-bukti berikut:-
(a) Peserta membawa senjata yang disembunyikan seperti pisau, batang besi dan sebagainya. (b) Peserta terdiri daripada kalangan bukan warganegara Malaysia. (c) Peserta terdiri daripada kalangan kanak-kanak dan remaja di bawah umur dewasa 18 tahun. (d) Peserta terdiri daripada mahasiswa/i yang dikenakan sekatan di bawah AUKU 1974. (e) Menjejaskan pemandu teksi. (f) Menjejaskan peniaga kecil. (g) Menganggu lalulintas (h) Menimbulkan ketakutan kepada para pelancong bergerak bebas.
Dr Chandra menjelas di dalam kontek motif BERSIH menyatakan secara ringkas :-
(a) Ianya mempunyai motif tersembunyi yang bersifat curang dan jahat. (b) Ianya hanya untuk dijadikan batu loncatan kepada Anwar Ibrahim, DAP & PAS sebagai jalan singkat menuju Putrajaya. (Pendapat penulis: Ini menafikan Kebebasan Asasi Hak mengundi rakyat yang tidak menyokong rejim Pakatan Toghut satanisma haramjadah dapkrpas) (c) Tiada manafaat kepada orangramai (d) Sebagai kalihan isu perbicaraan liwat 2 Anwar Ibrahim dan penghalang-penghalan besar kepadanya untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.
Dr Chandra memberikan peringatan tegas kepada semua seperti berikut:- Once Malaysians understand the context--- especially the ulterior motives--- theywill be wary about July 9. They will be able to distinguish the self-serving agenda of a deeply flawed politician from the genuine quest for electoral reform and political transformation. They should not allow such a politician to undermine their future. Apabila rakyat Malaysia memahami konteksnya -- terutama motif-motif-- tersembunyi mereka akan risaukan mengenai Julai 9. Mereka akan mampu membezakan agenda kepentingan peribadi politikus curang dengan perjuangan ikhlas untuk pembaharuan pilihanraya dan transformasi politik. Mereka sewajarnya tidak membenarkan politikus sedemikian untuk meruntuhkan masadepan mereka.

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Selasa, 28 Jun 2011


"Dalam surat khabar Tuan Speaker (Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia) ekoran daripada apa yang jadi dalam mahkamah,pada hari Sabtu dalam The Star,jelas Anwar dalam Sinar Harian,memang Anwar dan 'Utusan iblis' ini sama" katanya. Petikan ini saya petik daripada blog sahabat baik saya BADUT RAKYAT yang melapurkan mengenai keberangan KARPAL SINGH akibat pendedahan mengenai identiti anakguamnya AnWAR IBRAHIM di dalam prosiding mahkamah yang tidak boleh dipertikaikan. Ini berdasarkan kepada peruntukan perundangan dalam AKTA KETERANGAN .

Natijah perundangan di dalam perbicaraan terhadap Datu Eskay ialah setiap keterangan lisan dan dokumentari serta keterangan pakar mengenai identiti ANWAR IBRAHIM boleh diterimpakai sebagai KETERANGAN YANG SUDAH DIBUKTIKAN di dalam prosiding liwat 2 ANWAR IBRAHIM. 
Natijah seterusnya ialah orang awam mengetahui kebenaran identiti lelaki dalam video salahlaku seksual adalah ANWAR IBRAHIM tanpa melakukan sebarang kesalahan subjudis. Keterangan ini pula tidak dapat disarkiskan oleh peguambela ANWAR IBRAHIM kerana perbicaraan tersebut tidak melibatkan ANWAR IBRAHIM mahupun dicabar kesahihannya oleh KARPAL SINGH. 
KARPAL SINGH tidak perlu mengamok kerana kita boleh andaikan bahawa beliau juga yang memberikan nasihat guaman kepada AMK agar membuat LAPORAN POLIS mengenai kesalahan mengedar bahan lucah terhadap Datuk Eskay.
Kita mengingati suatu ketika dulu KARPAL SINGH jugalah yang lantang bercakap dalam Parlimen mengatakan bahawa beliau mempunya Bukti salahlaku liwat ANWAR IBRAHIM dan desakan oleh seluruh ahli pakatan toghut satanisma dapkrpas mahukan DATUK ESKAY dibicarakan di atas kesalahan mengedar bahan lucah. 
Kini, KARPAL SINGH tidak perlu menempelak UTUSAN MALAYSIA melapurkan perjalanan perbicaraan DATUK ESKAY. atau mengamuk di dalam sidang Parlimen. Bukankah kapasitinya sebagai AHLI PARLIMEN dan PEGUAMBELA adalah jauh berbeza ? Tak perlu KARPAL SINGH menciplak idea istilah IBLIS daripada facebook JAS SALLEH. 
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JOHARI ABDUL baru saja berjinak-jinak dengan dunia pengacaraan hiburan tv slot Analisis bagi mencari alternatif penghidupan dan kerjaya baru jika kerjaya politiknya tidak mampu bertahan lama akibat skandal seksual Anwar Ibrahim. 

Pada hari ini tanpa diketahui sebab musabab yang sahih, Papa Gomo telah membuat keputusan untuk menamatkan kerjaya pengacaraan tv Johari abdul dengan begitu kejam sekali. Selepas ini, Johari Abdul mungkin terpaksa mencari alternatif lain pula, mungkin dia akan dicalonkan menjadi BINTANG MALAP PALING CEPAT MERUNDUM.

Apa yang yang keluar daripada mulut mana-mana ahli pakatan toghut setanisma dapkrpas tidak ada yang benar, semuanya BHONG DUSTA PENDEK AKAL BELAKA. Maka tamatlah riwayat kerjaya JOHARI ABDUL dan Pendusta Kian Rosak.
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Mula-mula, Aziz Bari menyalah tafsirkan seksyen 27 Akta Polis 1967 mengenai kuasa polis yang tidak mahu mengeluarkan permit untuk perhimpunan haramjadah beershit kerana sudah ada 1 000 lebih lapuran polis membantah perhimpunan tersebut. 

AZIZ BARI risaukan mengenai natijah pihak Polis enggan keluarkan permit. Ini menjadikan perhimpunan tersebut bertaraf HARAM dan salah di sisi undang-undang.

Ini membolehkan pihak polis membuat tangkapan ke atas mana-mana pihak yang berkempen secara terang-terangan mengajak dan menghasut rakyat menghadiri perhimpunan haram tersebut di bawah seksyen 105 Kanun Acara Jenayah.

Manakala Johari Abdul pula bukanlah seorang PAKAR ANALISIS KETULENAN VIDEO. Oleh itu pandangan dan pendapat yang diberikan oleh nya merupakan TAFSIRAN PERIBADINYA SENDIRI dan tidak terpakai sebagai keterangan dan bukti sahih mengenai identiti Anwar Ibrahim di dalam video salahlaku Anwar Ibrahim.
Kita tengok pula apakah yang mereka mahu kelentong lagi.
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Isnin, 27 Jun 2011


AZIZ BARI ini hendak mengelirukan dan menipu segala anak-anak iblis laknatullahnya agar terus menerus memutarbelitkan TAFSIRAN PERUNDANGAN NEGARA. Dalam Perlembagaan , peruntukan mengenai Kebebasan berhimpun secara aman tanpa senjata bukanlah hak mutlak tanpa sekatan. Perenggan (b) Fasal 2 Perkara 10 sudah menjelaskannya. 
POLIS mempunyai bidangkuasa dan di beri kuasa di bawah Seksyen 27  AKTA POLIS 1967 dan ini termasuk di dalam penfasiran ' sebarang peruntukan membuat sekatan' untuk mempertimbangkan terlebih dahulu sebarang permohonan permit untuk berhimpun walaupun tiada permohonan di buat. kerana itulah adalah kuasa Polis terutama sekali apabila terdapat lebih daripada 1 000 lapuran Polis telah di buat sebagai bantahan kepada perhimpunan haramjadah taik kuning iblis betine haramjadah sundal Ambabigagal.
Seksyen 27 adalah terperinci dan amat jelas mengariskan kuasa Polis untuk tidak memberikan permit walaupun tiada permohonan rasmi di buat apatahlagi apabila sudah ada 1 000 lapuran Polis membantah perhimpunan tersebut.
POLIS tidak bertindak sesuka hati mereka dan fungsi mereka bukanlah sepertimana yang disalahtafsirkan oleh profesor bangang Aziz Bari tersebut. Siapa Aziz Bari ini? Dia hanya seorang ahli akademik yang makan gaji dengan kerajaan. Dia bukanlah orang yang berkelayakan dalam mana-mana peruntukan perundangan untuk menafsir perundangan. Hak menafsir peruntukan perundangan terletak pada Badan Kehakiman. 
Malah, ketiadaan permohonan permit untuk perhimpunan Beershit 2.0 sehingga ke tarikh kenyataan Aziz Bari menunjukkan bahawa penganjuran perhimpunan Beershit 2.0 mempunyai agenda yang boleh mengancam keselamatan awam dan negara. Penganjuran perhimpunan tersebut secara literalnya sudah melanggar peruntukan seksyen 27, 27a 27b dan 27c serta perenggan (b) Fasal 2 Perkara 10 Perlembagaan. Inilah tafsiran yang betul.
Macam biasalah, pukimak-pukimak dapkrpas ini memang suka tafsirkan segala benda ikut nafsu buta perut mereka. Mereka ini semua berperangai seperti setan iblis lakantullah yang suka berdusta dan mengelirukan orang awam. Dulu diaorg boleh lah putar belit , sekarang ini sudah ramai yang celik perundangan. TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN. at 11:16 PG Reactions:   Links to this post E-melkan Ini BlogThis! Kongsi ke Twitter Kongsi ke Facebook Kongsi ke Pinterest Labels: Isu Nasional


PDRM bertindak tegas dan bijak menahan 30 orang pengkhianat negara dari PARTI SOSIALIS MALAYSIA dan mereman mereka di bawah kesalahan jenayah seksyen 122 Kanun Kesiksaan keran mengedarkan bahan-bahan subversif dan menghasut rakyat membenci YDPA. Jadi kepada Menteri yang Berkenaan saya berharap benar anda membaca artikel ini semasa membuat pertimbangan bila perlu, KESELAMATAN NYAWA DAN HARTABENDA 4.08 JUTA TERMASUK 3.79 Juta dan kesemua 26, 999, 997 juta orang lebih penting daripada merisaukan RETORIK POLITIK. TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN. at 12:39 PG Reactions:   Links to this post E-melkan Ini BlogThis! Kongsi ke Twitter Kongsi ke Facebook Kongsi ke Pinterest Labels: Isu Nasional

Ahad, 26 Jun 2011


Semalam 30 orang aktivis PARTI SOSIALIS MALAYSIA kesinambungan daripada PARTI KOMUNIS MALAYA telah di tahan dalam satu sekatan jalanraya di Plaza Tol Sg Dua

Polis dakwa aktivis PSM cuba hidup fahaman komunis

Tiga puluh aktivis Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) yang ditahan di plaza tol Sungai Dua semalam, ditahan reman mengikut Seksyen 122 Kanun Keseksaan kerana didakwa berniat untuk memerangi Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Aktivis tersebut menyertai siri kempen "Udah La Tu Bersaralah" yang dilancarkan pada 24 Jun, menjelang perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 bagi menuntut pembaharuan sistem pilihan raya.

Mereka yang ditahan termasuk ahli parlimen Sungai Siput, Dr D Jeyakumar. Seorang lagi dibebaskan kerana di bawah umur.

Bernama  melaporkan Abdul Rahim berkata, siasatan polis mendapati sekumpulan aktivis PSM yang ditahan di plaza Tol Sungai Dua itu cuba menghidupkan semula fahaman komunis.

Beliau berkata ini berdasarkan pelbagai barangan yang dirampas polis daripada aktivis berkenaan dilihat mempunyai kaitan dengan fahaman Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM).

"Antaranya risalah dan baju T yang tertulis nama Chin Peng, Rashid Maidin dan Suriani Abdullah, kesemua mereka ini mempunyai kaitan dengan PKM," katanya kepada pemberita di Kepala Batas hari ini.
NONE Abdul Rahim berkata, mereka dilihat cuba menghidupkan balik fahaman komunis dengan menyebarkan risalah-risalah berkaitan berkenaan kepada rakyat di beberapa kawasan di Kepala Batas.

"Polis terpaksa menahan kesemua mereka kerana membawa unsur menghasut rakyat untuk membenci kerajaan dan ini adalah sesuatu yang serius serta boleh mengancam keselamatan negara," katanya.

Semalam, 14 wanita dan 17 lelaki yang ditahan itu dibawa ke ibu pejabat Polis Daerah Seberang Perai Utara (SPU) di sini untuk diambil kenyataan mereka.

NONE Abdul Rahim berkata seorang daripada aktivis berkenaan dibebaskan kerana masih di bawah umur manakala 30 yang lain kini direman bagi membantu siasatan.

Katanya perintah reman bagi kesemua mereka yang berusia 18 hingga 64 tahun itu dikeluarkan oleh Mahkamah Majistret Butterworth hari ini.

Beliau berkata perintah reman dibuat mengikut Seksyen 122, Kanun Keseksaan kerana berniat untuk memerangi Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Dalam reaksinya, setiausaha agung PSM, S Arutchelvan menyifatkan tindakan polis itu sebagai tidak masuk akal dan cuba menggambar parti itu sedemikian untuk menakut-nakutkan orang ramai. 

Macam haram! Berani nak hidupkan semula Komunis. Nak jatuhkan SPB YDP Agong dengan cara gerila.

Apa yang tak masuk akal tu. Bukti memang dah ada. Haram jadah punya sedara Ambiga.

Mungkin ini ada kaitan dengan komen yang ini...

Cerita sebenar penahanan anggota PSM di Penang...

1. The PDRM is seeking a remand order for 30 people to facilitate investigation into alleged involvement into reviving subversive elements. The people have been remanded under Section 122 of the Penal Code for ?waging the war against the Yang Di Pertuan Agong.?
2. The group, travelling on the bus, was arrested at a roadblock near Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara, on 25 June 2011.
3. According to the police, they found printed materials and T-shirts bearing the images of former CMP leaders including Chin Peng, Abdullah CD and Rashid Maidin.
4. Police believe that this could be part of a larger scheme of thing by certain groups to destabilize the nation.
5. The police have reason to believe that these findings by the police have raised their concerns that the July 9 illegal gathering may have been infiltrated by subversive elements out to create chaos and disorder.
6. The police has reasonable ground to believe that these group of people has engage in activities detrimental to national security and enhance they been remanded under Section 122 to facilitate police investigations.

-Semua rakyat Malaysia perlu tau cerita sebenar. Harap blogger patriotik boleh buat posting mengenainya segera.

Source:  Dialog Dewasa Kritik Berasa Tags - Del Tec Bli Spu Dig Comments Comments There

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RAKYAT TAHU alasan sebenar Perhimpunan Haramjadah BEERSHIT 2.0 ialah kerana Anwar Ibrahim takutkan perbicaraan liwatnya ke 2 nya disebabkan dia tiada pembelaan baik untuk diputar belitkan.
Kedua, Ambewok iblis betine sundal laknatullah mahu mengambil kesempatan ini bagi Agenda Peribadinya sendiri dan memperalatkan orang Melayu Islam yang pro toghut setanisma dapkrpas. Agenda peribadinya ialah tidak lain dan tidak bukan mahu memaksakan majoriti Melayu Islam menerima PLURALISMA AGENDA Interfaith Council yang  amat berlawanan dengan ISLAM.
Ketiga, puak pakatan toghut setanisma haramjadah bejadah dapkrpas MEMANG TAKUT TERAMAT SANGAT DENGAN UMNO/ BARISAN NASIONAL dan kepimpinan DS NAJIB yang menyebabkan majoriti sokongan rakyat mula kembali kepada BARISAN NASIONAL.
Keempat, puak pakatan toghut setanisma haramjadah bejadah dapkrpas MEMANG TAKUT dan KECOT TELOQ dengan RAKYAT mengetahui TEMBERANG & TEMBELANG mereka pecah.
Terakhir, tindakan bangang mereka mahu menggulingkan kerajaan BARISAN NASIONAL merupakan TINDAKAN DESPERADO mereka dan mahu menafikan HAK MENGUNDI RAKYAT di dalam PILIHANRAYA. Dek kerana kejahatan mereka sendiri, mereka kalah teruk dalam 6 PRK dan PRN Sarawak. Mereka sengaja mencipta alasan dan rekayasa untuk terus menerus menipu rakyat bagi kepentingan Agenda Politik mereka yang bakal menghancurkan negara ini.
Kami Tak Rela HAK MENGUNDI KAMI di Nafikan di Jalanraya !
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PERKARA 10 PERLEMBAGAAN menyatakan dengan jelas:-
1. Hak Bersuara 2. Hak berhimpun secara Aman Tanpa SENJATA. (anggota Tubuh Badan juga senjata) 3. Hak Berpersatuan.
Namun, perenggan 4, Perkara 10 meletakkan batasan yang wajar diikuti agar hak-hak yang disebutkan di dalam Perkara 10 tidak di SALAHGUNAKAN & DISELEWENGKAN YANG BERNIAT JAHAT OLEH PIHAK TERTENTU.
Kesemua sistem perundangan di dunia mengakui dan menerima Pandangan bahawa TIDAK ADA HAK MUTLAK. Perseimbangan antara HAK INDIVIDU dengan HAK KEPENTINGAN AWAM bagi menjamin ketenteraman dan keselamatan nyawa, hartabenda dan maruah orang awam. Pandangan ini selari dengan ajaran dan nilai ISLAM.

Dalam hadis di atas, dapatlah kita memahami bahawa ada 5 HAK JALANAN yang wajib dipatuhi yakni :-
1. Menundukkan pandangan. 2. Jangan Menganggu. 3. Jawab salam orang yang lalu 4. Menganjurkan kebaikan 5. Mencegah mungkar.
Menerimapakai 5 HAK JALANAN dan PERKARA 10 PERLEMBAGAAN Malaysia dengan merujuk kepada PERKARA 3 dan PERKARA 8. Amat jelaslah bahawa , HAK BERHIMPUN SECARA AMAN WAJIB MEMATUHI kesemua peruntukan PERLEMBAGAAN dan hadis Nabi s.a.w. tersebut. Ini termasuklah segala ayat-ayat Al Qur'an berkenaan dengan tingkahlaku di jalanan. 
1. Berdasarkan kepada fakta dan maklumbalas yang terpapar di laman-laman sosial seperti di facebook. twitter, Tagged dan blog yang pro kepada Perhimpunan BEERSHIT 2.0, mereka mempamirkan niat dan maksud mahu meneladani serta meniru demonstrasi jalanan yang bergolak di Timur Tengah.
2. Tiada JAMINAN LISAN mahupun secara bertulis dalam kapasiti RASMI diberikan oleh Pengajur Beershit 2.0 bahawa kesemua perkara yang disebutkan sebelum ini akan dipatuhi.
3. Tiada juga JAMINAN KESELAMATAN & KETENTERAMAN awam diberikan.
4. Tiada juga sebarang kenyataan bahawa Penganjur Beershit mampu mengawal emosi para peserta dan tidak akan berlaku sebarang kekacauan.

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Semalam di Balai Polis Kemaman hampir 100 lapuran polis telah di buat membantah Perhimpunan Haramjadah tajaan setan betine sundal laknatullah Ambewok. Pengadunya terdiri daripada anak-anak muda mudi yang gagah berani. Menurut ketua perkumpulan anak-anak muda mudi itu, mereka bakal melancarkan kempen besar-besaran di seluruh Terengganu bagi menggalakan anak-anak muda mudi lain untuk membantah perhimpunan tersebut. YB Kemaman turut hadir menyaksikan lapuran Polis tersebut di buat.

'Kami sedar mengenai bahaya dan ancaman perhimpunan Bersih 2 kepada keselamatan negara dan awam. Walaupun mereka ada hak kebebasan bersuara tapi melakukan tindakan membantah di jalanraya dan bukan di pilihanraya bukanlah satu tindakan yang bijak. Ini bakal mencetuskan huru hara yang berpanjangan seperti terjadi di negara-negara Timur Tengah.' menurut jurucakap perkumpulan anak-anak muda-mudi tersebut semasa ditemuramah oleh wartawan Nadi Rakyat.
"Kami nekad untuk melakukan kempen besar-besaran melalui alam maya dan nyata. Kami tak suka diperkudakan oleh pihak yang hanya mahu memperjuangkan untung nasib seseorang dan agenda jahat konspirasi pihak anti Islam dan tiada siapa boleh memperkecilkan usaha kami ini kerana kami ada Hak Bersuara !"

Puak Pakatan Toghut Setanisma dapkrpas selalu berangan panjang kononnya majoriti anak-anak muda mudi menyokong semua tindakan hasutan mereka untuk mencetuskan huru hara. Realitinya, lihat sendiri apa yang dilakukan oleh anak-anak muda mudi Terengganu. Cayalah ! TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN.
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Jumaat, 24 Jun 2011


Kita mempunyai Hak ke atas pakatan setan-nir-rojim dapkrpas yang mahu menghalalkan apasaja kehendak mereka tanpa menghiraukan hak rakyat yang tidak suka dan tidak menyokong mereka pun. Hak kita ke atas pakatan setan-nir-rojim dapkrpas ialah mereka tidak berhak memaksakan fahaman dan hasutan mereka ke atas kita.
Pakatan setan-nir-rojim tidak boleh melalukan dan mencetuskan huru hara serta terus menerus menyebarkan fitnah dan hasutan ke atas kita. Mereka tidak boleh memperlekehkan kita yang menyokong UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Mereka wajib menghormati HAK-HAK KITA YANG TIDAK MENYOKONG MEREKA!
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Semenjak 1997 UMNO 'dibersihkan' dari pengaruh kejahatan permainan politik kotor jijik Anwar Aljuburi, Aljuburi asik melalak ' Hak aku ! Hak aku !' tapi pernahkah dia menjerit ,' Hak kamu!Hak Kamu!?' Golongan toghut Reformasi berkata kepada rakyat bahawa HAK RAKYAT di rampas oleh Barisan Nasional dan UMNO adalah penjahatnya, benarkah begitu? Siapakah penjahat sebenarnya dalam hal ini?
Janganlah kita sesekali lupa bahawa toghut Reformasi yang berkata begitu tapi adakah rakyat memberikan sebarang mandat kepada toghut Reformasi untuk bercakap dan bertindak bagi pihak rakyat? Hak Rakyat sudah jelas termaktub dan dilindungi di dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia, itu tidak syak lagi,
Perkara 3 - 10 Perlembagaan Malaysia memaktubkan hak-hak rakyat dengan baik sekali mengikut mana-mana tahap dan taraf yang terpakai di dalam sistem perundangan dunia yang diiktiraf. Pada pandangan penulis sistem Parlimen kita berfungsi dengan baik dan telus. Begitu juga dengan sistem pilihanraya kita yang ditadbir baik oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya. Tetapi, kerana pakatan setannir-rojim dapkrpas tidak dapat mempengaruhi dan menguasai serta meletakkan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya di bawah telunjuk mereka, maka mereka cuba menghasut rakyat untuk membenci SPR dan menuduh membuta tuli sistem pilihanraya kita tidak telus dan tidak bersih. Walhal , pakatan setanir-rojim dapkrpaslah yang tidak bersih. Inilah realitinya.
Kami rakyat yang tidak menyokong semua tindakan keanakan penuh emosional pakatan etan-nirojim dapkrpas yang bermotif curang BERHAK untuk tidak mahu mempercayai dakyah jahat pakatan setan-nir-rojim dapkrpas mengenai sistem pilihanraya Malaysia yang tidak memihak kepada mereka kerana sPR bebas daripada sebarang pengaruh dan unsur campurtangan pihak pentadbiran eksekutif pakatan setan-nir-rojim dan pentadbiran eksekutif Barisan Nasional. TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN. 

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Kita begitu mual dan muak dengan perjuangan sia-sia Pakatan toghut setannirojim dapkrpas yang melampaui batas dengan karenah keanakan mereka. Kita juga mempunyai Hak-hak yang amat perlu mereka hormati dan menjaga sensitiviti kita.
Mereka amat pentingkan diri mereka dan bertindak seolah-olah hak mereka sahaj yang ada di Malaysia ini. Mereka langsung tidak memperdulikan hak-hak kita yang tidak menyokong mereka samasekali. Apa mereka fikir bahawa hak mereka sahajakah yang penting ? Hak kita ini bagaimana pula?
Kita mempunyai hak untuk tidak di ganggu gugat keamanan penghidupan dan kehidupan kita oleh karenah keanak-anakan pepuak dapkrpas. Mereka patut dan wajib menghormat hak kita kepada keamanan.. Mereka sentiasa saja mahu mencetuskan kemarahan kita dan sering memaksakan ke atas kita untuk menerima pendapat dan pandangan mereka. Ini adalah tidak wajar smaasekali.
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Artikel ini khas ditujukan kepada penyumbangleweng pemikiran rosak teruk melampaui perbaikan puak Pakatan Toghut Satanisma DAPKRPAS yang kini terkinja-kinja seronok melihat Datuk Eskay dibicarakan dalam mahkamah tapi pada masa yang sama amat menggusarkan Anwar Aljuburi.
Prosiding terhadap Datuk Eskay akan membongkar banyak lagi pendedahan-pendedahan mengejutkan mengenai Anwar Aljuburi. Semua bentuk keterangan yang diberikan tidak dapat dipertikaikan oleh Anwar Aljuburi dan ianya menjadi rekod yang sah.
Apakah pada kali ini kita bakal menyaksikan sebuah prosiding terhebat di alaf ini?
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Rabu, 22 Jun 2011


1. Akan segala betine sundal dan abang setan nirrojim BEERSHIT 2.0 beri alasan bahawa Agenda peribadi dan kepartian mereka adalah hak setiap rakyat, jawapan ringkas aku kepada mereka ialah seperti berikut:
(a) Kepala hotak haramjadah mereka !

(b) Agenda Beershit 2.0 adalah agenda peribadi mereka sendiri.

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